SmartThings iOS app update 1.6.64 (March 22, 2021)

Another iOS update today

Still no fix to broken automations. :roll_eyes:

I seem to have an issue when I create a new automation and select the devices, not all of my devices show up. Is this a know issue? Does anyone know of a fix?

Another update chock full of fixes I see.

can you clarify…

are you saying when you are creating an automation and go to select your devices that not all devices appear in the list


when you select the devices from the list and save that they do not appear in the automation?

This one: “are you saying when you are creating an automation and go to select your devices that not all devices appear in the list”

It’s really strange as I know I do have devices that can be added as I already have devices in other automations. It’s as if the app has an issue and just doesn’t list them all. (To your other point: Once the automation is actually created all is OK).

usually if you do not see all your devices, you can back out of that screen and click on control devices again and the devices should appear. this is a caching issue that has been around for awhile.

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I do seem to remember this issue when I was using the app the other week but it did eventually resolve itself. This time however I just can’t get them to load. Tried backing out and quitting the app as well. Perhaps I’m being impatient! :cry:

I’ve just noticed that while my other automations still seem to work, if I try to edit them then they seem to be stuck in an unknown state. Feels like the automation section is totally broken :frowning:

you should report the issue to ST support

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Perhaps a stupid question now… How do I actually do that? Via the support link at the bottom of this page?

easiest way is in the app > menu > help

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Did you get this fixed? I had this issue with one of my devices and so did someone else - we talked about this here - [RELEASE] HomeSeer Dimmer and Switch (HS-WD100+ / HS-WS100+) Device Handlers - #175 by nickha The devices were both using custom code.

Are your devices that failed to display using custom code? If so what handlers are they and do the names have any special characters? I’m on Android with this but I’m just wondering if this is a bigger issue affecting more people with the new app in general.

All good questions. I’ll need to check the scenarios you mentioned but I don’t think so. I have just gone back into the app today and added an automation and strangely more devices are now showing on the list. I dint change anything form a configuration perspective but I did have a power cut today which would have forced a restart. As suggested I’m wondering if its a cashing issue somehow. I’ve raised an issue with the support team but form what I can tell I have no way of knowing if this is even being looked at. :frowning:

I’ll need to do a bit more investigation is required I think.

OK so after looking through the automation list it looks like “almost” eveyting is listed. I do seem to have the following devices that are not showing…

  • Zigbee Switch (Default device manger form the list)
  • LIFX lightbulb

I also have a custom device manager based on the Zigbee one which is designed to cope with a 2 gang battery operated switch. Interestingly the main primary button isn’t showing up but the child button is. This suggests to me its something to do with the code in the device manager itself. I have linked to the device manager I’m talking about below and as you can see from the comments from DJ Roberts “I see you are using the “number of buttons“ parameter which is no longer used in the new architecture.” he mentions that the way I’m writing the code may not be supported. I’ll need to go back to him with these findings on the other thread to see if he can help.