Smartthings integration with VMware vRealize Operations Manager

(Mark) #1

I’m interested in building integration between Smartthing and VMware’s vRealize Operations Manager. I think this would be a cool use case for Smartthings.

I would leverage vR Ops analytics [predictive] to track behavior of motion sensors and other zwave/etc inputs to arrive at a learned behavior of the household. This can be generalized as determining if activity is happening at unusual hours and in unusual patterns. I’ll drive my notifications off multiple layers of these types of symptoms.

What APIs (REST, etc) or SDK is available with Smartthing now vs v2 that can permit (expose) programmatic integration with external solutions? I only need read access to Smartthings and wouldn’t expect anything other than being able to fetch/get info from it.

(Tim Slagle) #2

Definitely check out our documentation. It should have all you need to get up and running.