Smartthings hubs still optimizing after 4 days

Because of a new internet gateway from Xfinity, I had to reconfigure my 3 Smartthings hub mesh network. It has be 4 days and all three hubs still say ‘optimizing connection’. Is it updating the firmware as I see that started May 20th? Is there anything I can do to complete the optimization? Only the master hub has a good internet signal, the other two are intermittent.

The update started being rolled out on the 20th and goes through June 5th. You can check Advanced Web App to check what firmware version your hub currently has. But the firmware roll outs should have no effect on the current optimization of your system. Once your hub updates - Hub firmware version will be 0.52.21

Presume this is the ST Plume Wi-fi hub. The issue with the wireless sub-hubs reporting as “optimizing” is unrelated to the current firmware upgrade for the ST hub. This is an ongoing issue that has been discussed extensively in this topic. SmartThings WiFi Mesh Ethernet Backhaul No Longer Working - #67 by JDRoberts

The current firmware update does not affect the Wi-Fi router portion of the device.

Thanks for directing me to the thread re: this issue. The strange thing is I looked at the internet speed in my master bedroom where the farthest hub is located and its download/upload speeds are almost 600 mbps/29 mbps which is close to the main hub speeds. I guess even though it is not ‘optimized’ it’s still working fairly well. I’ve got so many things connected to my hub’s mesh network, I don’t know where to even start if I had to replace it so I’m going to continue to use it as long as it is working. Has anyone transitioned to the Aeotec hub? Thx!

The “optimizing” message is in regards to which Wi-Fi devices are connecting to which hubs for optimal performance. Though the app is reporting that it is continuously optimizing, I don’t think we know if it actually is or not. It may just be an issue with the hubs reporting into the Plume cloud for status.

This, of course, has nothing to do with the Z-Wave network and how devices are routed to the primary Z-Wave hub.

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It depends what you mean by “transitioned“. There was no automatic migration tool to go from a SmartThings hub which is also a Wi-Fi mesh router to a standalone SmartThings hub until the late May 2024 update, so I haven’t heard of anyone who’s tried it yet. (Original comment corrected per @jkp ‘s note below. )

Quite a few people have stopped using the Wi-Fi router capabilities and then just use the device as a smart home hub. And others have indeed replaced the whole system with an Aeotec hub and some other Wi-Fi router. The Home Automation features will be exactly the same except you will get a few additional ones on the Aeotec. If you search the forum, you can find other discussions of what people got to replace the Wi-Fi router functionality

I don’t think anyone asked yet: are you using an iPhone? If so, the plume functionality is now broken, as was mentioned in the other thread that was linked to.

under the Release Notes, in the General section… near the bottom:
Functionality to support Hub Replace feature as original hub.

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