Smartthings hub works one way only

I installed the bridge, and added two test devices a door sensor and a wall switch. I am able to see the devices on HA but I can not control the devices… If I turn on the kitchen light with the smartthings app on my IPHONE. The change is reflected on the HA gui, but I can not turn it off or on from the HA interface. Any ideas where I went wrong. The HA.log does not reflect anything. Nothing special in the mosquitto log…

If any one can guide me or point me to a resource that will be greatly appreciated.

Try removing the power to the wall switch l.e. turn the circuit breaker off then back on, then see if it works.


Thank you for the suggestion, I will try this out tomorrow and let you know.


There was a system outage today, so it would be very difficult to tell exactly what was going on. Plus an emergency have update, which also might’ve affected things.

Try again tomorrow and see if it’s any better, if not, you should probably get in touch with support.