Smartthings Hub > Vlan > Dead

Pfsense has igmp relay service. Pain in the ass to set up but should work for multicast routing between clans for ssdp discovery.

Dude I think I did this once on a pFsense box… :slight_smile:

I see it!
But what do I put where now?! :slight_smile:

Interface :
Type :
The upstream network interface is the outgoing interface which is responsible for communicating to available multicast data sources. There can only be one upstream interface.
Downstream network interfaces are the distribution interfaces to the destination networks, where multicast clients can join groups and receive multicast data. One or more downstream interfaces must be configured.


Upstream is going to be your wan connection, and downstream is the vlan interfaces. I think that’s right based on those descriptions. Haven’t run pfSense in probably 8 years…

I also had to manually do this on my Mikrotik, and I believe it was configured the same way. I MAY have put the hub’s vlan as upstream, and the devices vlan as downstream…