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SmartThings Hub Version 2.0

Wait… what? I have to relearn how to use the app? /end-sarcasm


Someone analyze this data… What is the real average WAN/Broadband outage probability for any day?

Well, that is true. Anything that hits web services or other cloud services will obviously need internet access. And then again - all events still do go to the cloud.

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Are events going to the cloud asynchronously? The hub isn’t waiting for those events to be acknowledged – it just sends them? Obviously, the mobile app can’t update the UI for things until those events get to the cloud and thence to the mobile app.

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Correct - this is not a bottleneck for control and automation in most cases. It is for notifications and logging.


I agree with Ben on this: if you have a lot of devices to migrate (and, don’t forget that there is no migration tool), why would you consider Hub V2, when Hub V3 based on the Artik chip will probably be released sometime next year?

The whole migration process could be even more painful when moving to Hub V3 (it’s a totally different chip AND cloud architecture)…

So, why do it twice in a relatively short timeframe?

The way I see it, by releasing Hub V2 for new customers, the existing Hub V1 customers could also benefit from better performances in the cloud w/o having to migrate to Hub V2.

What is then the marginal benefit for existing Hub V1 customers to migrate to Hub V2 (apart from video streaming)?

Better latency? Maybe, but let’s see the metrics first…

I’m sure that SmartThings has already done some extensive QA testing (including some performance and load testing) on Hub V1 vs. Hub V2.

If they can share some latency metrics (even compiled in a LAB environment), existing hub V1 customers could then make a better decision…

My 2 cents.


We’re launching a newly imagined SmartThings mobile app for Android and iOS (WP coming after).
We’re launching new platform features. Combined with the new app, we’ve referred to some of these changes as our “next-gen UX”. This includes us reworking a lot of the basic functionality and the layout of your SmartThings system on your phone and in the cloud.

The app is my biggest problem with SmartThings. I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Thank you so much for listening. I will do a label dance to the SmartThings gods in your honor.


Agreed - much more interested in the new app at this point. I’ll wait a bit for hub 2 to “mature”

Today is April 30th. So I guess the Hub 2.0 will be released today? :smile:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, On March 31st, we made an official announcement on our blog, referenced below incase you missed it.:

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We were rooting for you April… The Hub V2 release will be a day to celebrate, and what better way to honor “April”! :sunny:

Oh well… July is a pretty celebratory month. :fireworks:

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But the question is, does @April have a Hub v2? Maybe things were lost in translation from CES? She was there.

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Yes … I’ve held April’s Hub V2 (or something resembling V2) in my own two hands. Very respectfully.

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America! :slight_smile: Yea! haha…


Canada Day, July 1st! :maple_leaf:


Australia Day, January 26th! :koala:

Oh, wait…that means…

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Any word on if the new Smartthings sensors will be released earlier than the new Hub2??

Will current sensors be backwards compatible with the V2.0 hub? Ir will I have to upgrade everything?

Yes, they are certainly backwards compatible.


I can hardly wait for the new hub anymore! I keep thinking to just buy the current hub. Hopefully it comes out soon :slight_smile:

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