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SmartThings Hub Version 2.0


Any specs shared?
Anyone knows if there is a plan for PoE?

No plans for Power over Ethernet.

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I remember Jeff mentioning in one of the developer calls that the Hub V2 is expected to release on July 1st … Should the count down begin? May be not? I guess time will tell… The best always comes late :wink: … I hope my optimism pays off :slight_smile:


2016… guess you missed that part :wink:

I hope its July 2015

been waiting for local control for too long (ever since i got off the Vera platform in Jan 2014)…

The passion displayed here (and other threads) is one of the things that keeps me excited about SmartThings and the future. But you guys are too funny sometimes.

We are releasing the next generation hub (v2) in a matter of weeks and people act like this is Duke Nukem Forever. More amusing is the idea that it will be a silver bullet for all the platform woes. Sure things will run locally, but that local app engine IS essentially the cloud service running on the hub. If anything this complicates the architecture. All events will still be sent to the cloud so that notifications and things can be sent to your phone, wherever you are.

You can quote me, but I think most current customers should NOT upgrade unless you really want video streaming. There will not be a migration tool at launch so if you have 50+ devices connected you are tearing that down and building it up again. There are likely going to be a few other disappointments with the impending hub v2 release. Will it be better than v1? Yes. Worth upgrading right out of the gate? I wouldn’t.


Ben, thank you for blunt honesty!


Ok, I’ll quote you. This is quite possibly the most depressing statement issued by ST in the last year. If all focus has been on hub v2 to fix v1 issues, and it now all boils down to a paid service for video streaming, then this is a sad day.

Unless, hub v2 also means v2 of the platform, in which all v1 hubs can start to take advantage of all the promised features and options needed to make this a robust platform.

Or, maybe we should just wait for hub v3?

I hope there can be a bit more clarification on @Ben statement on hub v2 and feature sets…

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I applaud @Ben for keeping it real! Those who think V2 is going to be a panacea for all the on-going platform stability issues are drinking too much Kool-Aid.


I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long for a stream of messages with this observation to start appearing.

The Community has very high expectations for Hub V2. I’m glad to see efforts from @Ben and others to temper these expectations here.

I’d be even happier to see marketing materials toned down just a bit or tuned for blunt accuracy, so as to curtail the level of disappointment experienced and posted by newer members.


@Ben , I think we eagerly anticipate the new hub partially just because of the fact that it’s new hardware. But I think a lot of anticipation is because it means Smartthings is staying competitive and continuing to try to innovate. Frankly, it seems like things have grown a bit stagnant. I believe things are happening behind the scenes that power ST users are going to like, but we don’t know what those things are (api improvements, better device support, etc.). We know there’s a new hub, though, so for many of us, that’s a place of hope for continued success of the platform.

I have invested a lot into ST. I built an X10 hardware interface with a duino and shield that works 100% of the time, and am proud of it. I want ST in general to work 100% of the time. I also want it to work with 100% of the functionality of the devices in my system. I want a thermostat with a humidity sensor to actually show humidity. I want a power meter with measurements for two legs to show both measurements. I want a light switch with two or four buttons on it to work as two or four buttons. I want a Smartapp “out of the box” that allows basic levels of thermostat scheduling. I want things to just work, even though I personally can go through the hoops to find workarounds. It’s great that developers can build their own device types, but ST should be constantly improving things for users that don’t WANT to have to copy and paste code. ST should be constantly improving their mobile apps so that, for example, you can see a list of your devices instead of icons that all run together. For ST to be successful long term, it’s going to have to innovate towards powerful flexibility and easy of use, and maximum compatibility with a minimum of fuss.

I go off on this tangent because, for me and maybe for others, Hub v2 is a symbol - it stands for something. It stands for improvement, for innovation, for SUCCESS for the platform which many of us are spending our HA hours and budgets on. I hope you can understand that, and maybe see a different perspective through this.

ps. The original Duke Nukem was incredible! It never needed a v2 :).


Not paid. Video streaming in any sense will require the v2 Hub hardware. Premium DVR-like service coming later.

Sure there is tons of work going into the platform, stability, scalability, new mobile experience, but the hardware itself, aside from adding battery backup and local processing isn’t going to add much in the way of new stuff right away.

This exactly. There is a lot going on. Too much, many (including me) would say. For example we are doing international rollouts to the UK and Korea this year. That is a distraction we didn’t need. Such is business.


Don’t underestimate the number of people who (like me) are currently using another platform like Wink and are waiting to jump ship over to Smart Things.

I’ll do it but I don’t want to spend $100 on the hub, set it all up, only to have V2 released two weeks later. That’s why I am personally chomping on the bit.

But there seems to be two parts that people are waiting on:

Hardware - V2
Software - Local control

Will one arrive without the other is another question and whether or not local control will come for V1 users.

As I understand it you’ve put back the release a couple of times so it’s a bit understandable people are starting to lean towards vaporware . It’s possible you never categorically stated release dates but from what I gather people on the forum were under the impression on several potential release time frames that have been and gone.

“a matter of weeks” is still non-committal, a year is a matter of weeks, 52 of them to be precise…

There’s a few things we’re bucketing under “V2” that are launching soon, but not necessarily at the same time.

  1. We’re launching the second version of our hub. Some of the main changes include more processing power, local storage, local SmartApp and Device Type execution, and battery backup.
  2. We’re launching new versions of our SmartSense Multi sensor and our SmartSense Motion/Temp sensor. These have been referred to as our “Micro Sensors” as they are about half the size of our existing sensors.
  3. We’re launching a newly imagined SmartThings mobile app for Android and iOS (WP coming after).
  4. We’re launching new platform features. Combined with the new app, we’ve referred to some of these changes as our “next-gen UX”. This includes us reworking a lot of the basic functionality and the layout of your SmartThings system on your phone and in the cloud.

So there’s lots going on here. The new hub has been great at my house for a few months now, but ultimately you shouldn’t notice a difference in your day to day experience just by swapping the hub out. When you take the new hub with the new mobile app and an unimaginable amount of platform work - you’ll get the “V2” experience that will be markedly improved over what’s out there today.

If we are just talking about the hub - you probably won’t see much of a reason to upgrade, as Ben was saying, unless streaming video and battery backup are killer features for you. Video streaming is really important for my use cases so it would be a no-brainer, but that might not be the case for everyone here on the forum.

Finally - the new app will show you the names of your devices without having to stand on one foot while shaking your phone up and down. You can still do the SmartThings Label Dance if you wish though.


What about issues like sunrise / sunset (or schedules in general), where there have been load issues in the cloud. Are schedules handled locally in the V2 hub, or still in the cloud? If in the hub, do the load issues go away?

SmartApp scheduling will be handled and executed locally. We’ve seen issues in the past related to our cloud-side handling of scheduled events with hub v1. Those issues should not be present for our upcoming hub.


Genuine thanks for sharing your opinion on those foreign expansion activities, Ben.

As of the UK launch activities, I’ve been concerned to see effort diverted to international expansion can’t help but put more workload on apparently strained resources. This is frustrating when there seems to be a lot of disappointed current Customers at “home” in North America.

I’m not in Samsung’s shoes; if I were to be an “armchair manager”, though, my strategy would be to pull way back on marketing and geographic expansion, with the belief that stabilizing the product and preserving/improving reputation is a priority over expansion. As an engineer, expansion at this moment in time seems like poor risk management and resource allocation. Life in the trenches is hard sometimes.

I think you and @Ben are downplaying how important local processing is to the proper functioning of ST for a user. Of all of the reliability issues I’ve had with ST, most were cloud performance related. They weren’t new bugs in the platform, although those have happened too, and could happen with V2 just as easily.

From where you guys sit it must seem that there are lots of disparate issues complained about, from the mobile app design, to architecture complaints, documentation shortcomings, support of integrations, etc. etc. Those issues won’t be touched by hub v2, and you’re right to point that out.

But for my daily uses of ST, removing the cloud as an intermediary in SmartApp execution should, in theory, make a noticeable improvement in day to day functioning of my ST system.


I’ve been stalking smartthings since kickstarter… And I don’t mean stalking occasionally. I mean I have been a full blown weekly follower for too long. I never could make the leap for v1 as I saw so many growing pains and was currently building my new home. But my home is finished and still v1 seems “unfixed” to be blunt.

The idea of local processing seemed to be cure all for the majority of complaints I saw that I felt would affect my user experience. So, I side with @bruce when I say… V2 and local processing will be what begins my build as it seems to be the fix for the issues that are important to me! So downplay it’s release all you want, but for me… It’s big! I plan to make one of the initial purchases of v2 for that reason alone. Waiting patiently…literally for years

OH! One other reason I waited for v2 was the fact that I now live in a very rural area. No broadband Internet service is available. So i rely on a satellite provider with limited bandwidths/total traffic. Keeping most processing local was important to me for this reason as well…

I bet that not all SmartApps can run locally

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