SmartThings Hub Version 2.0

JD. Add Fibaro Home Center 2 to the list. Though not available in US as of now. 749$ and the lite version is 279$. Not sure anybody in US is running these.

How does this communicate with ZWAVE? Is there a hub?

OpenHAB runs on some type of computer, which acts as the hub. Then you attach a device with a zwave antenna to act as the zwave primary controller. Typically this is a USB stick, but it might also be a raspberry Pi daughter board.

Here’s their wiki listing currently compatible zwave sticks:

One of the reasons the learning curve is high is that you’re doing all the hardware integration yourself, down to selecting the antennas.

Absolutely correct. Just want to point out that some type of computer could be a Raspberry Pi, so it’s basically the same size and probably same power use as a SmartThings hub or a Vera.

My next step is actually Hue integration, then Z-Wave. I’m doing it slowly, so who knows, maybe the new SmartThings hub with local control will come out before I’m done.

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Just wanted to rant and this seemed like a good enough thread…

I’ve been super active in the HA community. I wrote tons of code for MCV before ST. I’ve been very fortunate and able to personally contribute to just about every openish HA project I know of, at least financially.

The 2.0 is getting to be a very big deal for me. Everyday sundown is getting worse. ST is clearly acquiring so many users that the platform is stressed. I’ve scrutinized every project in this space and the only thing even close so far is openhab – and they have a long way to go.

I’ve tried my best to hack around a lot of things. I “only” have 180 devices per hub. Maybe that is a lot today but in a couple years time that will seem commodity.

I feel really held back on v1. Maybe I will on v2 as well, but I know right now I’m spending most of my time trying to code redundancy rather than functionality, and I think that is too bad. I can’t trust the state of any of my devices – its a huge bummer.

For @ben and the other folks: I truly feel ST or its successor will be as embedded in our lives one day as Android is today. These days really are the begining of an automation tsunami that isn’t just limited to the home.

Good luck on v2 - I literally cannot wait.



If I understood Jeff Hagins (CTO) correctly on the last Developer Call, Hub V2 is now expected for release on July 1st, 2015, with Beta units already released to internal staff, and other limited release Betas to select customers between now and then.

The Platform on Hub V2 “looks” the same to the user, but runs in the expected distributed architecture (i.e., all SmartDevice Handlers and SmartApps that can run independent of the Cloud, will run in the local Hub V2). This includes scheduling. The Mobile App still requires the Cloud but someday a local connection may be provided. Event logs will still be stored on the Cloud, but these will be in an asynchronous message queue.

The above is highly paraphrased. A recording of the call will soon be posted, I presume, reference:


There isn’t a 3g/4g option with these guys but Ubiquiti Unifi systems are “business class @ consumer prices” and IMHO work way better than anything I have bought off the shelf. I was about to buy one of the $300 Asus routers when I came across these guys doing an Amazon search for price. For less than the wifi router I got a gateway (router) and two access points. Every single Wifi problem I have had in this old house simply went away. Down fall to them is if you want the more in depth features past port forwarding, static IPs, and very basic configuration you must be willing to learn some Command Line Interface stuff. I know CLI but I have only needed to get in there for that twice to troubleshoot not actually set anything up.

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So what is the latest date estimate?

Any chances at a beta program for the community?

Does theV2 hub have a cellular radio? Does anyone know?

No, at least not as last announced. Those are expensive, they are often add on modules, but doesn’t seem to be any plans for one.


What V2 hub? Just a rumor pushed by those who repeatedly claim it will be fixed soon, supported soon, and then break the whole thing with each step they take. Do you actually believe them still?

I think with anything new its going to be two steps forward and one step backwards. I have been there before and I am quite certain that we will soon get everything that we are looking for. I guess we need to be patient , provide motivation and help towards solving issues. Its very easy to get frustrated and blame. What I have in my house today is still one of the best solutions that exist in the market. So, yes I still believe them :blush:


No cellular radio. Our V2 hub has 2 USB ports on the back. Our plan is to support USB cellular modems and WiFi dongles as a means of internet connectivity.

The one in my house.


@Tyler, I’m just observing the fact that you guys have made so many promises that you’ve not fulfilled, it’s not encouraging, even to hear that you have a beta hub.

Does your new hub correct any of, or all of, the known and well documented failures of the current system? For example, is mobile presence working, does mobile presence trigger hello home actions, is your mobile app displaying dynamic page titles, etc. etc. Or does it have it’s own new set of failures?

It stands to reason that the new hub will have MORE bugs than the current system, given that the architecture is getting more complicated, not less, while the existing architecture doesn’t function reliably for even a day at a time. ST has truly become a broken record of broken promises, now with one more to add to the pile, hub v2. I will believe it when I see it and it actually works.

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Definitely a good strategy. It’s easier for me to “believe” in that I’m actively using it and it’s working well for me. I wouldn’t expect that same faith from you guys, especially considering some of the trouble we’ve had recently (not to mention the gaps you mentioned).


I believed in my Wemo’s when I got them then they sputtered out of control. @Tyler leave it in the oven, I like mine extra crispy please. :wink:


Yeah will this fix the following issues?

Smart locks don’t function hardly at all, the shortcut never updated and does nothing and SmartThings never knows if someone manually unlocks using a code of the button.

Presence sensors repeatedly say I leave and arrive multiple times a night, making hello home actions that turn on the lights annoying at night.

Motion sensors don’t detect motion.

If a motion sensor is set to only turn on lights when mode is set to home, it doesnt always care. Last night I kept having a motion sensor turn on lights while not in home mode.

All around junky performance.

Please someone tell me this will all be fixed so I don’t feel like I flushed thousands of dollars down the toilet making my house more frustrating to live in?

They may tell you it will all be fixed, but they’ve been saying that forever. It is what is it, and not what you hoped.


My building switched to completely wireless internet, so what are my best options for getting the Hub 2.0 online? I was really hoping wi-fi would be built in, but if it’s not, what’s the word on USB adapters, or maybe using a wi-fi to ethernet adapter?

The prototypes we have seen so far have at least one USB port, so you should be able to use a Wi-Fi dongle. This is been mentioned as one of the intended uses for the USB ports. However, we won’t know anything for certain until it’s actually released.