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SmartThings Hub Version 2.0

No, things that send notifications can run locally, but, notifications are sent from the SmartThings cloud. Also, keep in mind that even when an automation is executing locally, it still sends events to the cloud. So if your SmartApp is executing locally, but then your Internet goes out, the automations will still happen, but notifications would be queued until your Hub is back online.

I think I need to do this myself. :slight_smile:

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I completely agree. Our cloud account, our stuff, on our hub locally.

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In another thread, @alex finally explained why. Right now apparently the smartapps and devicetypes have to be stored in firmware.

Eventually this will get better, but I don’t want to crash my hub firmware playing around. Would rather crash the cloud :smile:


Here you just answered your own question to me earlier in this thread. That is what support engineers told me
what Local Processing will do: lights, switches, sensors, etc. would still work on the v2 hub However, We now read above that custom device handlers (and those devices) will not. I’m now curios if custom apps will run locally?

I’m not biting on this one. While I’m not familiar with the v2 firmware in itself, based on what we DO know - in particular that it’s using Samsung’s Tizen - calling it “firmware” is like calling an app installed on an android device “firmware.” Perhaps it’d be closer to a pre-installed app on an android device. Even still, if you’ve ever owned a verizon or at&t bloat-filled android device, you know that even those pre-installed “on the firmware” apps won’t crash the entire device.

We’ve been told that the local processing “appengine” is the same that’s running on the cloud. If one app running locally (regardless of how it’s stored) can bring down the entire hub, then it would be reasonable to assume that the same app running in the cloud could destroy the entire cloud service server.

Of course, I’m having to fill in a lot of blanks based on previous knowledge and the little tiny bits of information ST has given us. I could be wrong and they’ve designed it so poorly that a single rogue app COULD bring down the entire hub… or the entire cloud server? No idea. ST isn’t talking.

CEO @alex just told us the following on another thread:

In other words, there is no capability to run any of your own custom SmartApps or Device Types locally on the V2 hub. SmartThings having a goal means it’s off in the indefinite future, and the V2 hub isn’t what we hoped it would be.


Sorry Gary, I should not have replied when I was rushed for time. You spoke of giving up the platform because of the failed promises. I was seriously wondering what other options there are. Then I read your other post where you discussed the options.

I’m so freaking upset about this, V2 is absolutely worthless for developers, or for anything but the simplest of configurations, which is probably less than 5% of the users out there. I’m trying to be a good 'ol boy here, but having a very difficult time.
There is absolutely nothing I own or use that will benefit from V2, absolutely nothing…

I mean for craps sake, most of us came here for the width and breath of devices that could be supported, now effectively we’re in a walled garden that only advantages (effectively) ST’s device offerings and device drivers, if and when they get all of those converted…

bla blah bla, I’m going to go play with my echo’s, that integration is the only decent thing that’s happened in the last month…


…is there anything in ST now that is what everyone hoped it would be?

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To be fair, no one’s disappointed with echo…


I am. I’m very disappointed I don’t have one.


Me too, disappointed that it isn’t on sale either. I refuse to pay retail at amazon. They could increase the price to 200 and discount it 15% and I’d buy it :smile:


Just a heads up. I fixed my wife’s login issues with getting not authorized…

Logged her out, changed her password (yes, I told her what the new one was) and logged back in, problem solved.

One more ticket closed… Oh wait, haven’t heard back from ST to close it yet.

Reply to the auto-response to the e-mail you used to open it and tell them it’s resolved. Then they can close it and move on to one of mine. =)

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Already did… I am familiar with their system. They just don’t let me close my own tickets… Yet.

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Here is their answer (this is the same message I received on two unrelated issues, from two different tech support guys):

Thanks for writing in! We’re tracking similar issues reported by a number of users and looking into getting this worked out. There’s a few questions I have for you that would be helpful for sorting out exactly what’s going on:

We worked a little magic on our end this afternoon that may have affected this. Can you check right now to see whether the device(s) in question are still reporting incorrectly?
If so, are the device(s) currently in rooms (used to be groups)?
If so, Can you remove the device from the room and see if it starts reporting correctly?

Wow, that is a much better response then I’ve been getting.

I am getting the, yeah we know, but we don’t have the resources to fix that right now, with hub v2 and all going on right now. Maybe in a few weeks.

Ironically, this was the answer I was given repeatedly over the last couple of months. How long until they start using hub v3 as an excuse?

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No comment, you’ve read my mind…

guys, nobody is obligating you to update to V2, :grin: if you are happy with V1 stay with it for a few months and stop being all grumpy

OK, so @April really should close this thread, because V2 is really just V1 with some extra hardware you can’t use and some batteries.

Instead we should have a generic thread about future SmartThings capabilities that we don’t have, and may never have, but we want and can dream about. Because that’s all this thread amounts to at this point.