Smartthings Hub V3 does not work in Canada

I didn’t get any emails but the hub is now working for me in Canada. It shows up in the list of devices and I was able to successfully set it up. I’m having problems with 1 door sensor in the new app that will pair but just not connect. If I use the old app it’s working fine.

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I also got mine working… it took a couple of days for the hub to show in the app… Supported devices connected easily … only issue was the cheap ecosmart bulbs from HD … Had to use classic app to connect them but they showed up in new app after and can be controlled from it…

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So just to provide an update on how well the V3 hub/app is working in Canada. The new app for some reason will let me pair a second door sensor the same as the first but it cannot get a status or connection info. Those same sensors are both working flawlessly in the “Classic” app. I’ve added and removed that sensor multiple times with no success in the new app so I’m guessing that is a bug since it’s working in the old one.

The only other issue I am seeing is that the Home/Away presence monitoring isn’t working at all in either app so I’m having to manually run routines at this time. When I run the routine it is enabling things correctly, just not automatically doing them based on my phone’s location. I’ve double checked and the location service is on for both apps on my phone. I have a Pixel running android 9 and I know they have made the battery power savings settings more aggressive but even opening the app after the fact isn’t setting is so I’m guessing another bug.

Anybody else seeing the same sort of behaviors?

So after sitting down with a friend who is big into the smartthings ecosystem we’ve gotten the home/away presence monitoring working. We ended up wiping out any reference to the phone itself as well as in any routines, manually re-added the phone as an android device instead of using the smartthings found device, and then recreated the routines and its now working.

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Thanks! This helped me to set up the ST Hub V3 in Germany.


For those who need FREE VPN, you can setup the initial account using TunnelBear VPN app on mobile.

After sign up US Samsung account, you can add the hub without issue.

I am successfully setup V3 from Singapore

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Yes the hub v3 works in Canada . I bought mine in Canada and had a few problems. I think the process is to call Samsung and give them your Samsung account info and they flag your account to work in Canada . I call 3 times . First guy said defective unit . No one spoke English very well . Anyway, after a few hours , the hub register ( that was the problem during set up ) , it just worked all of a sudden , so I think Samsung flagged my account and changed some setting . Next it did updates , and works great. I like the system , works fine after two days. The home security interface is a bit glitchy to set up , but works , hope an update on app will come soon. Overall happy with the product . Will see how long it stays working ?! Dec 2018

I had problems with hub v3, too. In Slovenia app did not work ok. It didnt find any hub. I sent e-mail to Samsung and they replace country to US. After a few day later, app found the hub. But when I scan the QR code, after minute and 30 seconds application show me “Hub not found”. The hub binking green and red. What can I do?

I talked to Samsung support today and they confirmed if you purchase the V3 Hub in Canada it will work out of the box in Canada. There are a number of resellers now selling it in Canada.

Not knowing about the V3 issues for Canada, I purchased one in the US. I already has a Samsung US account from when I was a US resident. Device installed today, no issues

Hi, when I first bought my Nvidia Shield pro, it came with SmartThings link. Was told it would not work in Canada, that’s incorrect. If you have a VPN, you set your location to the US. Then start your set up of your hub. It should work. Mine has been for 2 years without a hitch. What part of Canada you in?

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