SmartThings Hub V2 now available for pre-order

I’m concerned a lot of people are over hyping the prospect of ‘local processing’ at least when V2 is initially delivered to customers, remember, it’s not TOTAL local control, your phone/tablet app still will not work if your internet connection is out, even if you are on the same local network as the hub.

I think a lot of people are going to get very unjustly angry at things that were never promised by ST initially with V2. Personally I’m not buying V2 for local control although it is a future factor, there are many reasons why I want to switch from Wink to ST, ‘local control’ shouldn’t be yours or anyone else’s only reason for buying the new V2.


Very true. That’s why I’ll probably pick up a few minimotes to control key functionalities if the hub goes offline.

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There’s certainly that possibility… but here’s what I’m expecting/hoping to see re: local processing:

  • Near instant processing for SmartApps that don’t require ‘cloud’ data.
  • Extremely high reliability for scheduled tasks that don’t require ‘cloud’ data.
  • Higher reliability for scheduled tasks that do require ‘cloud’ data (Hopefully these events are scheduled and initiated by my hub rather than ST’s server. Even if my hub is has to go out and pull cloud data, it should be a much smaller work load.)
  • Very, very frequent polling of device states.

I know you know this, but for those just starting to follow all of this, you will need to have the minimotes completely set up before the Internet goes out.

If the Internet goes out, rules which can be locally processed (including which button does what on a Minimote or key fob), are already set up, and do not require additional Internet input should continue to operate.

But you won’t be able to add new rules or change existing ones during the outage because as others have mentioned the official smartthings mobile app will not talk to the hub locally during an Internet outage.


Yes, that is absolutely key to making it work.

We won’t know until it’s out, but I think with a little creativity, there will be several ways to do these sorts of things, as long as they are set up and tested prior to an outage

I have been waiting for v2 and i made a preorder yesterday… and now today . OnHub comes out of left field…

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Great…maybe that’s why it no longer works. I’m trying to pre order this deal but it’s broke.

Edit: I guess it’s not “broke”…but Smartthings ran out of motion sensors, so you can’t bundle this deal right now. So much for this being an “existing customer” deal…now the whole internet knows about it :slight_smile:

I get an email last night I go to order today and they are sold out. I heard the code got release and a bunch of people that don’t even have smart things got the offer. I convinced my wife this morning to let me get the new hub since I would be getting two free sensors. now since I can not get this offer I will hold out and let everyone test version 2 to see if I want to continue with smart things or go another route. I cant believe they didn’t send out a private one use code so this wouldn’t happen.

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This would have been the logical approach, of course, or at least cross reference against account email addresses…

My guess is that the sales channels aren’t set up to handle individual promo codes, so ST just had to go with a single code and, of course, knew the “risk”.

Same here went to order using the code in the email and can’t. :frowning:

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Well, I dont know what is happening at I have both a Canadian and US address and it won’t ship to either. Obviously something not right. So… I decide I will go with the Customer Appreciation Bundle direct from the ST Shop and guess what? SOLD OUT!!! :rage:

tried ordering the bundle too, its says sold out!!! so much for customer appr.

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Yeah I’m a bit cheezed off, refreshed all morning and finally got in and the appreciation bundle is all sold out. Sept 30 or while supplies last, hmm, were there only 10? :frowning:


:anguished:They sold that many this AM??

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Any word on Myq support? I have been waiting for this feature for a while


Tried after getting the OK from the wife and SOLD OUT!!

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Hopefully Smartthings will figure out something for us loyal customers to still get the deal now that someone ruined for us by posting the deal on the web.

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This is in the works.


Hi Guys!

Update : Thanks for people email me. We have been experiencing a overwhelming amount of orders. We are looking to why some of you didn’t receive the original email. We plan on doing right to loyal customers like you, so we’ll be sending another email soon.

Thanks for letting me know!