SmartThings Hub Dropped

Can anyone confirm Samsung are discontinuing the SmartThings hub and sensors?

A bit of context. I’m a developer working in a small team of two. Manager and developer. Over the last six months we trialled a number of home sensor networks and ultimately settled on SmartThings. Our solution is ready for trial and we are looking at purchasing large volumes of sensors and hubs.
Samsung referred us to a supplier and we placed a large order. Waiting waiting waiting, and nothing. My manager pushes our SmartThings supplier and ultimately they tell us Samsung are dropping the hub and sensors. I ping a message to Samsung support and get no reply. My manager gets on the phone to his contacts within Samsung and they confirm the hub is dead.

Did I miss the memo? Where was this announced publicly, any links? It’s not the end of the world for us, we’ll drop SmartThings and move to another platform.

Anyone have any press releases SmartThings future? Something more specific that what’s in this announcements section of this forum. A lucid SmartThings roadmap would be great…

Any other developers our there with contacts within Samsung can confirm or deny what our Samsung guys are telling us? I’d really like this to be a misunderstanding and miscommunication.

the following item can be found in the thread listed below…

  • Retire select legacy hubs – Don’t worry, affected users will have plenty of time to move to a newer version of Hub.

I’ve seen this. Its vague. To me this says V2 or older hubs will be getting retired. Not V3 hubs and Samsung will no longer be selling hubs and sensors. Which is what Samsung are telling us.

@blake.arnold, would you mind to take a look at the OP and comment either here or by a PM to the user? Thanks!

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@GSzabados, DevRel will be reaching out directly to @mjarn2 to clear this up. Thanks for the heads up.


Would be great to hear from devrel. Do you have any indication on when that might be?

I’ve started down the road of integrating a Vera hub into our product along with prototypes of device to cloud sensors. We certainly have a preference of sticking with SmartThings. If we can’t get hubs and sensors though we have no choice.