Smartthings hub does not connect via Xfinity arris router/modem

I see the hub blinking red and green , which means it has connected to my router and found an IP, however I just cant move forward on my smartthings app . It just complains about " Your smartthings wifi isnt ready yet. Try again"
Any clues on how to resolve this? thanks!

HI jkp, Thanks but ive seen you posting the same for another post too. But could you tell me what is the purpose of posting this? I know what the LED colors mean. I know that if its blinking red and green, its ready to connect. But in my case the Smartthings app fails. So Im trying to figure out how to move forward as Im following the manual exactly. thanks

I’d start by logging in to the router and confirming that the hub actually has been assigned an IP. At least that will confirm what the hub’s LEDs are telling you. If it’s not connected, then at least you have a starting point.