Smartthings Hub - Battery Backup


I’m just wondering if anyone has taken ownership of their Smartthings hub and found that the battery slots under the device don’t contain the metal connecting plates at the end of each battery slot? Out of the 4 slots I have, I only have metal connectors at then end of the first slot and none either in of slot 2 and 3 and a metal connector at only one end of slot 4.

Basically when I put the 4 batteries in, only slot one holds the battery in place, while the other 3 allow the batteries to slide up and down in the slots?

Is this normal? Or does it sound like I have a manufacturing faulty one?


That definitely is not normal. You should get in touch with supports on this one.

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What’s the current wait time on that these days?

I am not sure. Either way, you still have to get in touch with them.

Just for others to see what I mean - I’m tried to illustrate from this photo the issue.

If that doesn’t work (link) then try this one

We figured some of the supply chain issues and replacement time is much faster right now. Can you send over photos to and let them know.

I’ve already sent the email off, however, I’m going to try taking it back to Curry’s tomorrow morning to see if they will replace it for me.

I’ll come back here after if they refuse to replace.

Thanks for getting back to me.

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Just to let everyone know - Currys took the device back without problem after reviewing the fault. They also claimed it seemed to be a one off and I checked the new one while in the store to make sure it didnt have the same issue.

Thanks all for your support and suggestions. I’ll keep reading the forums, to see what else I can do with this beast… Although, please please please, hurry to fix IFTTT, that was my one and only (not really) want for the Hub to integrate with and I use it loads at the moment on my phone.