SmartThings hub and zw3001-wcs NOT pairing

Having zero luck pairing my new Samsung SmartThings hub to zw3001-wcs ge branded paddle dimming light switches.

Help! Thank you in advance.

Does the switch respond with a manual press?
In other words… do the lights come on and go off when you use it?

Yes the on off and dimmer both work by hand.

Since this is a zwave device, try the general zwave exclusion. Then try to include the device again.

This can be found in the app.
If you’re on Android, it’s found found by hitting the hamburger menu in the top left (3 lines stacked on top of each other), tapping the little gear icon, scrolling down to Hubs, tapping on your hub, tapping on Z-wave Utilities, and then using the General Device Exclusion.

If you are on iOS, you tap the hamburger menu in the bottom right, tap the gear icon in the top right, scroll down to find your hub, tap on the hub name, tap on Z-Wave Utilities and it’s there as General Device Exclusion.

Once in the exclusion, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for excluding the device (may be as simple as pushing the paddle up twice or something).

Dude… Thank you! Totally worked. Excluded the device and then added it back showed up immediately. It was paired to an old zwave remote.

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