Smartthings Hub 3 - Lastest IOS App - Aeotec Door sensors - no devices found in automations?

I have my hub running and I have added 4 door seniors which now appear on the IOS Smartthings App screen and tell me when the doors are open and closed and I can see how much battery is left - so far so good.

Now I want an alarm at night if an door opens so I tried adding both a security animation and a custom animation and it does not find any of my door sensors - maybe I’m doing something wrong but I can’t see it.

Can someone help - do I have to discover them for animations separately ?



Are you using a custom handler for them or default?

I found the answer - and another problem. I seem to have 2 locations called “Home” - one of them contains all the devices and on of them is empty. Needless to say the animations seems to have been looking at the Empty Home. When I selected the other one the devices appeared ok.

So - how do I remove the duplicate empty Home ?

this is common when switching to a Samsung login. First thing to check is login to the web IDE and see which location is set to default You may want to re-name one to make it easier to tell which one is “real”.

Perfect - I renamed the duplicate, made sure that the “real” one was the default and then deleted the other one.

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