Smartthings HUB 2018 (IM6001-V3P) will not register / setup with Android

Smartthings HUB 2018 (IM6001-V3P) will not register With Android, I tried with Android 10 and androuid 8 phones, The HUB was detected, and I could select the HUB type and set the location, but then it just looped back to start again, I tried reset and wired / WiFi on HUB, Then I tried my wifes old Iphone 7, and yes , 1. run made it without any issues. The account is set up and it all works from my Android, and I can add devices from Android to the HUB. It may have to do with the ability for the app to switch from my home Wifi to the HUB Wifi, but I tried all Android settings W.O. success

i have the same problem just with iphone. how did you manage?