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Smartthings hub 2 - European frequency 868Mhz


(--stylisch--) #27

Why aren’t you using them?

(--stylisch--) #28

The ST hubsV2 I mean!


Didn’t have time, one is now opened although waiting on a support call as needed to reset the hub to keep an integration i already have

(Peter Hoffrén) #30

Did you get the SmartHub?
Im thinking the same way you are and would like to use the SmartHub in Sweden as well but would like to know if you have got some time to test it out yet?

//brg Peter

(--stylisch--) #31

Did you get it working in the netherlands?


Hi Arjan, not yet! I am heavily dependent in my house of the Logitech harmony (integration) and it still will not work with a v2 hub, some more details in this thread: IFTTT and SmartThings (UK accounts)

My harmony does all the TV stuff, thermostat, ground floor lights, outside lights, vacuum cleaner some of which I need smartthings for.

(Navid) #33

Unfortunately i have not been able to to buy it yet, to try it out. hope someone outside UK can confirm it using the 868Mhz freq.


Not aware of any differences in EU and UK. Zigbee same globally, Z-wave should be same for Europe

Weather I have working for my town in the Netherlands. PM me if you want a hub still. (It is not the starter pack though)

(Aaron S) #35

Zigbee is the same around the world, but the Z-Wave antennas will match the frequencies here: (ie UK and most of EU are the same)

(Hiato) #36

What about using the US starter kit with all its components and a US Yale deadbolt in a different z-wave frequency country like India or anywhere else? isn’t the idea to have all the z-wave devices on the same frequency?


The reason that different countries have different frequencies is because zwave was introduced fairly recently and it overlaps with frequencies that are often used for other purposes, particularly short range radio communicators used by emergency responders. These were assigned differently in different countries just for the historical reasons. Using Z wave from another country might interfere with local ambulance communications, for example. So in some countries there are restrictions in law on the use of those frequencies.

If you intend to use a frequency other then the one officially assigned to your region, the first thing to do is to check and see if it legal to do so.

If it is legal to use the other frequency, you can go ahead, but you may find you are more likely to get interference then if you used the frequency that is expected for your country.

If there’s no legal restriction, and you are allowed to import the US equipment (that’s a different issue) then you can go ahead and set up a network with all US frequency equipment. You cannot mix zwave frequencies on the same installation because they can’t talk to each other.

(Hiato) #38

Thanks… I just wanted to confirm the technical part and you did just that! appreciated.

(--stylisch--) #39

I have got it working now with my Dutch Sonos and HUE. Hope you’ll get it working with your Harmony as well

(--stylisch--) #40

You can buy one from thedezza :). I’ve got it working in the Netherlands with my HUE lights and SONOS speakers :sunglasses:

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I now got it working with a Dutch Fibaro sensor as well


I’m living in The Netherlands and am interested in an European version, do you still have one for sale?

I can’t find the option to send a PM…

(Sebastian) #43

Hi guys,

anyone able to tell what server is used to create the account when installing the hub in Europe but not in UK? I’m wondering about this because of Oauth process.
i want to buy a hub v2 from UK and use it in different country and also i’m interested in Philips Hue, harmony hub and Echo which are using the oauth process in order to gain access to each other.
also i’m interested if the IFTTT is working for you, outside UK and US.

thank you!

(Aaron S) #44

The Hub connects to the server of the country of origin. If you buy a UK Hub, you will only see devices available in the UK Marketplace (and vice versa for US Hubs).

**big caveat - hardware warranties are pretty much voided once taken out of the country.


Echo doesn’t have a UK Oauth route so that integration will only be with a US account. The others are good. I migrated from v1 US to v2 UK, I do miss the Echo part to play with but overall feel ok about the switch. Still a very odd architecture choice to have regional differences in my opinion. You connect to the UK IDE, which ironically is eu-graph… Or similar

My UK purchased hub(s) will be returned to UK if there is any problem with them in their warranty period.

(Martijn) #46


I just joined the forum. Is there any idea when the ST2 hub will arrive in the Netherlands? I am not able to find any UK version that ships to the netherlands.

Regards, Martijn