SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit Launches In Amazon, Best Buy And Sears

Anyone else excited that SmartThings is out in the public like this? Selling at the major retail stores. I’m excited, it means we can get more people into the platform and enjoy the goodness!!!


I am! I will make a special trip to Best Buy to just see it. I wasn’t one of the early adopters but I have spent so much time on this platform I do feel a little ownership! Go SmartThings!!!


I noticed yesterday my Best Buy had a couple of water leak sensors but that was all.

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Im holding my breath for Target (Target Open House in San Francisco, for a start…).

Best Buy & Sears are no surprise. Sears in San Bruno, CA, has a Smart Home shop which I haven’t visited yet.

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I’m undecided. SmartThings still relies on the cloud for most of it’s processing. My system has become more reliable with HUB v2, but I worry the addition of more users may also cause stability issues again. Hopefully I am wrong and we just get the benefits of more creative users.


That same article also states, “Starting today, the app now comes embedded with a getting started guide to walk the consumer through an easier setup.” No change here, and no update available from Google Play. How about iOS… anyone?

Hard to believe they are launching something like this to attract new users when stuff as basic as adding and editing users is not fixed in V2. Just hope it doesn’t backfire with more unhappy users.