SmartThings Home Monitor Time is Wrong

Ever since I returned home (Pacific Time zone) from a week away in the Mountain Time zone, my Home Monitor time stamps are wrong, still on Mountain Time. But, when I check the device history it shows the correct time there.

Example: SmartThings Home Monitor - Intrusion Detected: Front Door Opened 6:40 AM.; Devices - Front Door - History - 05:40 AM - Contact - Open.

I can’t find a setting where I can change this to report correctly. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Maybe change your geolocation (another state for example or time zone), save, wait one minute, change it back to the correct location, save again.

To manage your geolocation, on the dashboard, click on More Options (3 dots in the upper right of the screen) and select Manage location.

Thanks. Tried that but still get the wrong time. :frowning_face: