SmartThings, Home Assistant & CloudFlare

Hi everybody,

Looking to see if I can easily “unbreak” a problem I generated. I run both SmartThings (primary) and Home Assistant (some minor stuff) and want them to talk to each other.

To get this working your HA needs to be accessible from the outside world which I do with CloudFlare tunnels, but I raised the security by requiring authentication to all my servers and it broke the ST-HA integration.

So I’m trying to figure a way to get this back in the existing setup to keep things simple, and want to try to whitelist the SmartThings server addresses in the group I made in CF. So far I found only a few (link) and there seems to be about 150.


A) Where can I find the list of IPs from ST and add them to my CF account?
B) Is there a simpler way I’m not seeing? Probably :grin:


You will constantly chasing your tail with this. The IP addresses are managed by a capacity provider like CloudFlare or by Amazon and will be subject to change as they update endpoints and adjust traffic.

Better to figure out why your SSL isn’t working and fix your authentication for your HA install. The Home Assistant community forum will likely help.

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