Smartthings Hardware being sold off to Aeotec?

OK, but why has Aeotec certified a hub on the US frequency but so far not on the EU frequency? Proof of concept? :thinking:

I wish someone would edit the title on this thread.

I have never liked the wording with the current one :slight_smile:

The last paragraph seems to contradict the European Market earlier statement…

Our partnership builds upon Aeotec’s world-class experience and commitment to quality in manufacturing smart home devices. We are pleased to collaborate with a company that customers trust and excited to continue bringing SmartThings into every home around the world.

Must say - I am not feeling the ‘Zigbee Love’ from Aeotec… :wink:

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I actually see it the other way around: I’d guess this is Aeotec‘s path to adding Zigbee to their line. It wouldn’t surprise me if they have desire, just not experience.

Time will tell… :wink:

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Said certification doesn’t seem to be listed any more. Perhaps they decided to start off with a cock up to make us feel at home.


I really hope this is the case. I have 98% Zigbee in my house. I prefer it and am too invested to switch now. I’d like to see a brand like this offer both solutions.


I came to smartthings in the first place because I wanted to combine zigbee sensors with Z wave fixed position devices like door locks and wall switches. Zwave doesn’t have to worry about WiFi interference, but zigbee still has better power management and a higher number of hops, which can help with getting signal around tricky obstacles. :sunglasses:

(I actually very recently was finally able to add zigbee contact sensors to my HomeKit set up via Aqara, which made me very happy.)