Smartthings give me back my dashboard and shortcuts

Hey Doctor: Let me know if SmartTiles is “close” to meeting your requirements. We’re open to feature requests and are building a more enhanceable platform for SmartTiles Version 6!

Seeing how no SmartThings devices are locked to ST you’re not stuck as you can move those devices to any zigbee/zwave hub. So you’re “stuck” with the hub and with their current going price on eBay that would be anywhere from a few bucks to actually making money.

Your frustration is well documented in the forum and while most of us can relate to most of your points, your continued remarks seem more like you just want to complain. If I was as dissatisfied with anything as much as you claim to be with ST, I’d of thrown int he towel long ago.

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I am stuck for now anyway. I’m working a LOT of overtime, I have an elderly parent to take care of.
I can’t trust ST to do it’s job because it’s broken and I don’t have the time to spend applying elaborate band aids to the system that will be wiped out with the next update. Throw in the death of a good friend earlier this year whose affairs I’m still settling and relative who passed away not even a month ago.

ST is the LAST thing I want to have acting up on me constantly.

I pop on here once in a while to see if anything has been fixed and over the last 2 months, I’ve seen no progress. I’d love for ST to get their act together, but their unwillingness to keep us updated doesn’t speak well of the situation.

Let me assure you, I am every bit as upset as I “claim” to be. If anything I’ve understated the situation.
If they don’t have this sorted out once things settle down for me I will switch to something else. Until then…

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I am on version 1 hub and I lost my “Lights & Switches” on my Dashboard, how can I get the category back? I am on IOS.

They are gone for good. Contact support and complain. The dash board has been completely deleted in V2 Hub IOS.

I personally have talked with Support and told them that I could not use my v2 hub until they had some solution for this as the dashboard is what my family uses to quickly look at lights and doors… They told me to put a post up here and that it was not coming back but they are working on something “awesome” to replace it.

Yeah, I think it’s pretty clear that they intended to have 4 or 5 super awesome "solutions "available to fill in the dashboard that would’ve been way better than the old shortcut groups. But they weren’t ready at time of launch for whatever reason. So here we are.

I just wish there were some more details other than “real soon, now”. It seems to me that we hear this a lot now from Smartthings…

To be realistic, SmartThings never says anything about when or what is coming. Some SmartThings employees from time to time say things on these forums, but those should be taken with a grain of salt.

If you want a very easy and clean way for family members to see doors and lights, check out SmartTiles, at That provides a simple one page view of any subset of your system that you select, viewable from any web browser. Better than ST’s mobile app for seeing the state of things, even better than the V1 mobile app.


Wow, wow…October 9th! @bridaus what do you think. It’s December 12…

They are bringing something back, something better than before

Why do you believe this? What evidence can you point to?

Thanks @Todd_Whitehead for mentioning this thread! Icannot believe it has been this long already and we"re still struggling…

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Got a brand new V2 hub for x-mas. Sitting in my closet and that’s where it’ll stay until they bring back the dashboard view.


Doubt this will ever happen… with how old this thread is.

It will come back…


Your team realizes that consumers have short attention spans right? they will just move on to the next product that offers more functionality and better eye candy

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Just wait till you see what SmartThings has in its goodies bag once v3 is out, oops, sorry Smart Stick, man cannot get this right…SmartThings Extender…

When? We’ve heard a ton of empty promises over the last couple of years.

Absolutely. I’m a customer too and was a customer long before I joined SmartThings. I want it. You want it. We all want it.

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You’ve probably also heard we don’t commit to dates :slight_smile: I understand the frustration. I want it as much as you do. I promise that it’s being actively worked on.


Of course we do, but people also want fixed schedulers, HTML capabilities, all the stuff announced at CES (2015), working dimming in Smart Lighting, TTS support, working Sonos integration, a SmartApp list in the IDE that finishes loading the same day you request it… the list goes on.

But at least my BMW can turn on my lights! (Yes, yes. Different teams. I know. It’s still salt in the wound.)

Understood and believe me, we’re listening. But let’s keep the thread on topic.