Smartthings give me back my dashboard and shortcuts

Couldn’t agree more. Would love to hear from ST on why this decision was made and by who (because my next post will be a recommendation to fire them).

The sentiment doesn’t help AT ALL. It’s just a slightly more polite way of ignoring us.

If I could get my money back for everything I’ve got, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Your founders got rich off the back of their supporters and now all we get are empty promises, vaporware, and excuses.

Last month I got invited to ST’s Minneapolis office to preview and test parts of the new app design.

It is pretty cool…

I have ST V1 in my vacation house and had a Wink in my main home. After the ST app preview, I dumped my Wink and bought a ST V2.

Be patient grasshopper… ST is doing great things.


For goodness sake please don’t go to CES and tell the world how great things are. Solve for your current customers then grow.


So we’ve been told. How’s that V1 to V2 migration tool working out?

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PLEASE, ST listen to this guy.

Come to think of it, why not listen to your users and former supporters to begin with.
Extra features are less important than a product that actually works.

The one exception to this rule is removing existing features that already work. I still say whoever made the, short sighted decision to remove the tiled, things page needs to have their head examined.

Where are those replacements slagle?
It’s been almost 6 months since that function was lost.
Give us an update, or is this yet another empty promise/stalling tactic?

We saw it, we just lost the habit of believing you.

I don’t know if you have followed this in more recent months, but support told me that it’s gone for good.
The only reason I haven’t ditched ST completely is Smart tiles.

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By the U. DinkyTown area.

This is the downside of being in the small group of “Early Adaptors”.

Feel proud of what you have been able to do and help support if you can. I know it’s frustrating, I’ve had my issues at times with the system, St V2 is my fourth Smart Home integration so far and the best on the market that I have tested.

Support is either stating it incorrectly or is misinformed. The director of visual design has recently stated in this community that it’s coming back, just redesigned.

He also stated that they are focusing on other priorities including stability first. I don’t blame them.

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I still blame them for removing the old version. They could have worked on stability without removing the old version. I still have the old version so I know the old version still works in the new app, therefore I see no excuse for not putting the old version back in until the new version is ready. We go in circles on this tread, from why remove old version to because new version is coming to but they are doing stability fixes first, back to then put back the old version…but new version is coming…when…stability first…you get the idea.


For those of you who didn’t lose their dashboards -

Mine is horribly out of sync with devices lately. It says doors are open, but if I go to right now, it says they are closed (which they are). It says motion, but right now says no motion. etc.

I was just chalking it up to ST not supporting it anymore. But I’m also seeing it with SHM. It says armed away but if I go to “home” on the SHM dash it shows disarmed, which is true.

Trying to decide if I should just delete these legacy dashboards since they aren’t accurate. Anyone else have legacy dashboards and having accuracy issues?


@greg, I wouldn’t do that. Mine do get out of sync, but eventually get corrected. It’s frustrating, especially since the latest release royally screwed up and killed scrolling, but until they come up with a decent replacement I’m holding on to them.

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me too. If it’s not accurate then it’s pointless to look at it. I got rid of the legacy “doors and locks” because it kept saying the garage door was open, then I’d check it by a couple methods and it was closed. So I deleted the garage door, logged out and in, and that legacy dashboard disappeared. I still have 1-2 light shortcuts but never use them so they might as well go too.

I suspect the legacy dashboards are degraded/deprioritized to reduce load. The logs seem indicate a lot of traffic for the legacy items.

Yeah I never use the built in apps from the dashboard. I just enjoy the ability to glance at it and see what’s going on. But like you said, what’s the point if it isn’t accurate?

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Using the new update ability in the IDE fixes items that are out of sync.

Edit - for what it is worth here is the logging. It knows that it is actually closed but showing open?

ad9e3dcf-94d7-46d0-839c-9f4db57664de  10:05:38 AM EST: warn stateCheck(open) called but door is closed: doing nothing
ad9e3dcf-94d7-46d0-839c-9f4db57664de  10:04:53 AM EST: warn stateCheck(open) called but door is closed: doing nothing

Any update on how to get shortcuts on the dashboard or what these “improved” replacement features are?


Hi David.

Any update on the dashboard and short-cut development? I was just reflecting that it’s been almost a year since I’ve even opened my Smarthings App (except to dismiss the stupid alarms). I used to open it and use it multiple times/day. Now I simply use Smart-Tiles (Sparingly) on my wall-mounted Tablet, and then use Amazon Echo to Voice Control everything else.

I’m not sure if Smart-things has seen engagement with the app/user interface drop-off (using a comparable group, YoY,) but navigating to get useful information is currently so painful, I’d have to imagine I’m not the only dedicated ST user who simply gave up using the Front-End. The backend still seems strong, but UI is useless.

This is really a critical feature that was essentially dumped.


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We’re hoping with SmartTiles V6 you’ll use SmartTiles almost exclusively (for anything non-voice, non-custom device Capabilities, and non-configuration tasks). Boasting… but, it is looking good!