Smartthings-for-Broadlink-RM-Pro - Smartthings Handler for Broadlink RM Pro using RM Plugin, RM Bridge & Home Assistant

Yes it works fine I have mini before and got the pro as well

I can do that just with mini and home mini and st, no need other devices?

I used with raspberry pi but you can use rm bridge/rm plugin on Android

so i need a smartphone , i cannot focus

i like your idea with momentary buttons, but is there any way to add 3rd button ?
I would like it with my outside Blinds, e.g. UP, DOWN, STOP

I’m an Apple person, so pardon my Android ignorance.
Will ANY phone that uses Android 4.0+ work for Rm Plugin/R lm Bridge/ Rm Tasker?

For instance the ZTE Majesty Pro?

Technically it should. I dont see any issues. Hell i have even used a Nvidia shield as a bridge before.
If you are looking into running that on your phone 24/7, i have some bad news for ya
Firstly rip you battery. Leaving it 24/7 plugged in is not really ideal
I had almost a fire hazard with my battery (note 5) at the end it almost doubled in size physically

Right now i am using a rasbperry pie running hassio (home assistant) instead

I have been using an Android Tablet for the RM Tasker app for about a year. I use a timer plug to limit how long the charging goes on for. I find a couple of hours charging a day works fine, but, as ever, YMMV!

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I’m trying to use this DTH, but it’s acting a bit weird. Specifically, with the switch turned off, if you press the “Force On” button, I expect the main tile to switch to “On” as well. The same goes to Force Off. Just curious why. Is this an expected behavior? From the code, the on() function should change the device.switch and the main tile accordingly.

This would be great if there were the ability to add more button tiles to the interface. In my case I have an IR controlled RGB strip that would be great if I could have an on/off tile as well as several buttons to assign all of the colors codeID’s to.

I have to admit, it took some effort to get this handler running. Coming across the RM Plugin’s local html help page at (in my case) was very helpful.

It’s fitting in well on other standard on/off devices tough - thanks!

Hi everyone, I had this set up a while ago and was using a Kindle for my RM bridge. Worked most of the time but sometimes the Kindle would power off or shut down the RM Bridge app. My Kindle eventually just died :frowning: I’ve recently bought another one to use with Action Tiles. I’ve also started playing about with a raspberry pi. What I’m wondering is instead of using my Kindle to run RM Bridge is there any way of installing it on the Raspberry Pi without having to have an android device running 24/7? I want to use my Raspberry Pi for other things (Home Assistant and Docker) and just want to run this one app? I’ve seen that you can set an Android OS on a raspberry pi but this would mean not being able to run docker and Home Assistant? Seen people saying that Android TV boxes are the most reliable for this? Seen that you can install Android emulators through Docker but then other things saying that this is just to test apps? Just figure that it was a bit of a ball ache having to check that the Kindle was always on and running RM Bridge, whereas I could probably forget about it if it were running on my Raspberry Pi?

Doesn’t Home Assistant already support RM Pro without needing an Android?

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Yeah I think it does. I’m going to just leave it with the way it’s set up for now but not go overboard on installing loads of new devices using this method. Think what I have to do is install Broadllink and SmartThings in Home Assistant and then maybe do a series of virtual switches to have the devices work in SmartThings? Found that the Radio signals are not as reliable as compared to using the Wifi plug sockets such as TP Link or Sonoff any way. I’ve got my Pi running on this Docker installation and I’ve failed on installing Home Assistant through a Docker container so just figure that I’ll just do a fresh install of Home Assistant on another SD card at a later date as I’m spending way too much time on this. I’m so thick sometimes and need baby steps for most things :roll_eyes:

Hey everyone! Does anyone have this running on the new smartthings app? All my devices that I’ve setup to trigger rm plugin are showing offline in the new smartthings app?
I am also still running the smartthings classic app on my phone too so as to still be able to make use of all my devices…

Hi guys . I’m not sure if this is still working or not in Nov 2019 , recently i have setup home assistant on my nas and i can turn off my fan with it without any issue but i am having problem to integrate into my smartthing app.

I followed all instructions but when i clicked the on off in the smartthings app . The button ligths on and off in smartthings app but nothing happens to the fan.

Can someone please enlighten me?

i m using home assistant 0.100.3 .

I just installed it today and it works well. A couple things I had to double check in the setup process and making sure the HTTP bridge is on in the RM Plugin App, verifying the proper IP, MAC, and codeId.

Like some other people have mentioned in this topic, it would be interesting to add additional buttons beyond on and off. I am far from an expert in writing code for device handlers. Does anyone know how to do this?