Smartthings-for-Broadlink-RM-Pro - Smartthings Handler for Broadlink RM Pro using RM Plugin, RM Bridge & Home Assistant


May i check with you that do you copy all the contents of Broadlink Virtual Switch.groovy(91 lines) and create new device handler at Smartthings IDE web

Thank You

Has been a while, but yes I think thats what I did. Once I created the device type and assigned it to the devices, I was able to set all the parameters in the device preferences.

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Hello im having a nightmare trying to get this to work with my rm plugin .ive managed to set up in smarthings and also produce a tile in action tiles which switches on and off but does not control the rm pluggin bridge is this setup workable with your code or not .If yes it looks like im not putting the correct id into the device setup where do I get the id or could you explain it in novice terms thanks

Do I need to open a port on my router for this device handler

Hi af950833,

I tuned your code a bit to my purposes, and created device handler for Broadlink RM Pro, by using 2 momentary buttons. One ON, and one OFF. The buttons can be triggered from UI, or by Google Home. The idea is to have statless buttons, as RM PRO doesn’t give you the state anyway.

Feel free to use it, if anyone one.
Any suggestions for update, will be nice, as this is one of my first handlers.

And below, code for Virtual double momentary button (not for Broadlink), which I also use often:


Sorry for the newbie-ness of the question but I would love to try and setup Home Assistant to run on network attached storage as I have a Synology NAS.

Is there a place on the forum with an outline of how to accomplish this?

I have a question . I am wondering how to write an application blank and how to write a smartthings blank. You may have access to the RM plugin web page, but you may be filling it in. Do you have any videos on YouTube? What do you search for? Thank you for your enthusiasm.

I have Homeassistant working to communicate to my broad link. However, i’m stuck on getting Smartthings to work.

I tried following the instructions as follows:

Name	                        Type	    Value
body_data_for_ha	            text	   switch.wired_led_1
id_pw	                        text	
internal_ip	                    text
internal_off_path	            text	   /api/services/switch/turn_off?api_password=abcdefg!
internal_on_path	            text	   /api/services/switch/turn_on?api_password=abcdefg!
internal_port	                text	   8123

Any suggestions or helpful hints on what I should do?
The home assistant ip is
The password is abcdefg!
My home assistant is using SSL on port 8123

I just got it working on Pi3 and there is a trick for

Check the log in home assistant when you trigger the on/off action and make sure body_data_for_ha matches what is logged I found home assistant is using a different name than I defined in configuration.yaml

I am completely new to hass and have not even defined a password

Is there a simple momentary push button with “Pushed” capabiilty that someone can create?
The existing one does not work well and causes random on/off due to undefined states

After the above step, whats next? I already have remotes and even macros configure on my rm plugin…how could i integrate it to ST?

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Hi, can u share how did u do it?

What RM plugin do you use? I am using the basic free one RM Bridge. I am not sure about the macros and everything you have already configured and how they will work.

With the RM Bridge, I followed all the steps for RM Bridge from the OP.


I think i got the lifetime RM plugin app… Ive configured my rm pro pretty
good and rm plugin is so far so good… But i am trying to instegrate it
with ST as i still have some things in mind that i cant do with just rm
plugin…can u get me tru how did u integraye it to st…

It has been a while, but I remember it to be simple enough. First I had to add the device type in ide. Then go to devices and assign the device type to the rm pro switches. Then update the properties with IP address and on off commands.

Where u able to execute multiple commands on it or macros? I already tried
to follow the guide once but im not sure how to do it with the other
device…thats whrre my confusion starts…

No I just use it to turn on and off some RF switches. I have a logitech harmony I use for the rest.

hi af950833: i just want to clarify the code part on the internal_on_path: what does each part says?
/send?deviceMac=b4430daabbcc&codeId=44&repeat=4; the /send?deviceMac= is just a copy paste right?
where can i get this values? (b4430daabbcc) ; (codeId) ; the number 44 is what? and lastly the repeat=4 is also what? here is a sample of my code of one of my rf devices from the rm plugin api :

[{“repeat”:0,“order”:0,“sendUrl”:“\u003d34ea34cccdeb\u0026codeId\u003d29",“displayName”:"etekcity 1 • ON”,“code”:“b20b320007121206071212060612120606120712061207120612120706121206071212060712061212061206061207121207120606b3000000000000”,“learnedByMac”:“34ea34cccdeb”,“remoteName”:“etekcity 1”,“codeLength”:120,“id”:“29”,“name”:“ON”,“index”:0,“remoteType”:6,“type”:0,“delay”:0},{“repeat”:0,“order”:0,“sendUrl”:“\u003d34ea34cccdeb\u0026codeId\u003d30",“displayName”:"etekcity 1 • OFF”,“code”:“b215320007121206071112060711120607110711071107120712120607121206071212060712071112061206120612060712071206b3000000000000”,“learnedByMac”:“34ea34cccdeb”,“remoteName”:“etekcity 1”,“codeLength”:120,“id”:“30”,“name”:“OFF”,“index”:1,“remoteType”:6,“type”:0,“delay”:0},{“repeat”:0,“order”:0,“sendUrl”:“\u003d34ea34cccdeb\u0026codeId\u003d31","displayName

the main question here is what values should i use for the required parameters…thanks a lot…

Hi. I have managed to get the bridge working on an android device, ive got a switch appearing on smartthings and its discovered the device ive created which in turn can be found and controlled by alexa. ive even also managed (after much tweaking with the 908 bytes issue) to get my RF code to work with my device which i have tested and saved. I can use that code to turn my device on (cant get an off code to work tho!).
However the smarthings switch ive created does nothing.
Im guessing i need to copy the code i made for the rf device into the device handler text somewhere??
Or am i missing something?

Basically everything went as is should as i followed the plan but it just doesnt work!!
Please help

Thanks lots in advance