Smartthings for big villas

We have a pretty large villa that I want to turn into a smart house. I know that with smartthings hub alone it won’t reach the whole area so what options do I have?
The villa has 3 floors and each about 22500 sqft for a total of 67500 sqft
The whole house is covered with wifi (about 10+ access points). However, these access points aren’t Z-wave/Zigbee repeaters… Also, each room has its own ethernet wall jack so pretty much the whole villa is wired for technology.
What’s the best way to let ST reach everywhere?
I’m planning to add all sorts of smart things like multipurpose sensors, motion detectors, door locks, lights, harmony remote, sonos, etc…
Please advice me, thanks :smile:

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The following thread should be of interest. (this is a clickable link)

Can I livz with you (smiling sheepishly) . I will be more than glad to help you get the ST setup going (SMILE BIG HONKING ONE AT THAT)

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@sedosan, That’s a lot of space to cover, but I’d imagine it’s doable considering commercial solutions are available. Perhaps some consultation from ST (@Ben) could be beneficial.

I didn’t read the entire link @JDRoberts provided, but you may need more than 1 hub in your environment as he mentioned. Each hub does have a zwave device limit (can’t remember right now), and that may force you to use multiple hubs.

Your project sounds very interesting, and I’d be curious what you run in to while deploying something this large with ST. Keep us posted, and good luck!

Honestly, for this kind of house, I would consider a more professional system such as Control4. It will be more reliable (and costly).


Agreed. That size you will need multiple ZigBee coordinators and zwave is probably out due to its limited range and hop limitations.

Control4 is built for large installs.

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The Zwave address limit is 232 devices per hub. However, some controller manufacturers set a practical limit of 100 devices per hub for DIY products. It also has a hard limit of four hops per message.

Zigbee uses a different addressing scheme and allows for much larger networks. And as far as message relaying, be home automation limit is 30 per message (15 into the hub and 15 out) .

That’s why zigbee is the protocol normally used for lighting, office buildings, hospitals, and high-end residential products like control4.


Hi, did you finish this project?