SmartThings EXTRAS Announcement - ESPHome for SmartThings (Third Party Project)

Hello @Tim99

I am running many devices and sensors on ESPhome for home assistant. I have a backup Smartthings ecosystem. I would love to ride along with the testing and all. How can I join.

Hi @fshadfan,
Q1. Do you have Smartthings CLI installed?
Q2. What ESPHome devices do you wish to test?

Many Thanks Tim

Hi @cavallino47, Sorry for the delay. Life has got in the way the last few months.

I have the driver almost ready.

Hope to release it in the next week.

Many Thanks Tim

Hello @Tim99,

Yes I have CLI. The devices I am able to test are devices I have built. One would be the SR04 sensor. Another is the DS18B20 and finally I have a DHT11 with a relay module and some binary sensors both in a cover setup and standard setup.

Will that be good enough for the testing.

One more thing I have bluetooth proxy devices. I don’t know if that’s relevant to this topic but yes I have a pretty good amount of devices and configurations I am able to test.


On a final note I have a PCF8574 display, a mq-2 gas sensor and a passive rtttl buzzer.

Hi @Tim99 sorry for delayed response. I have the cli installed