SmartThings Event-Specific Text To Speech (TTS) for your Android Phone With Tasker

Cheers I will try that when I get home as even though it was working last night it didn’t turn the screen on this morning (UK) when the routine fired.

I am new to ST and creted my first automation. I was bit shocked when my Google Home “Voice Assistant” wasnt listed in the AV devices. I was hoping to create a voice alert. Its my understanding you can only push ST alerts to remote speakers. Can anybody tell me if this is a technical limitation with “Voice Assistants” or just the way they were designed? I have the ability to broadcast voice messages on them curious why my connected devices can’t do the same?

Hi JOnesto949,

I see that no one who specifically knows, is answering. So, for what it’s worth, I can only say:

SmartThings (ST) was made before Google Home. And probably even Amazon Echo. As I understand it, both of those devices have problems in terms of what they can interact with … only very specific things.

All in all, I think you will do much better to cut and paste your question and start a whole new thread about it on this forum, than burying it at the bottom of this old chain. This one is about using Tasker on Android phones. I’m sure there are MANY people familiar with ST and G. Home on the forum as a whole. But only a few people are monitoring this thread, and it’s on another topic.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

will do RK - thank you for bringing up "Tasker"I am not familiar with it so I will start to research.

Jones, maybe I should be more clear - you’re in the wrong topic. Your issue is with pushing announcements to Google Home (or whatever) - please correct me if wrong. This thread is only about making text-to-speech for an Android phone (only!) using Tasker.

Wish you much luck.

I’ve found smart home tech in general (not just SmartThings) to be depressingly complicated, if one has anything past a very simple set of a few things (turning on a few lights). It sounds like you’re there, if you’re trying to get Google Home to announce things.

Maybe our ideas are ruined by Hollywood, where everything’s super simple, lol.

You are absolutely correct this thread is for your Android Phone - NewB mistake - I posted the question under General Topics and getting responses!