SmartThings Event-Specific Text To Speech (TTS) for your Android Phone With Tasker

Yes, The system is set up for custom notifications and alerts based on a number of inputs. You choose the device and what kind of output you want.

You kind of lost me here… cause doesn’t it say it… right here… at the very top of the landing page?

Thanks muchly for the reply David and especially Joshua, I was hoping you would chime in.

I like the idea of not having to use the ST notifications per se, they can be clunky. You have to flip through so many screens every single time you want to play with one little parameter to see how it works! I count 7 taps/Nexts/Dones just for a tweak of the notification message. Or if I want them all to have a 10 minute reporting period. Then there’s the issue of applying one setting or message to them all (like my 9 motion sensors).

Just to be clear - it is possible for SharpTools to have an individual sensor give an individual TTS message, right? I have nine motion sensors but really only care about three of them for verbal alerts. So they need to be handled individually.

I never though about the concept of multiple users because so far I am the only user. But of course it’s possible to have more than one. I never even thought about tailored messages for different users. If ST doesn’t do it but SharpTools can, that’s very important.

Hi Jason, for the landing page, please reread what I wrote. Thanks!

Also, when I look at this page, I don’t see anything that sounds like getting Alexa to make a specific TTS based on a particular sensor event. As I asked, please tell me where it talks about it. Doesn’t look like it can to me, but I’m completely new to it. Thanks.

Yes, you can subscribe to as many attributes and Things as you want in SharpTools and then set the filters in the 'Thing State’s event plugin to only trigger for Things and Attributes that match your criteria.

And in cases where the filters might still be too broad for your needs (for example, the devices have very different names), you can use conditional logic in the Tasker task to determine if the event should be triggered. Since you have things like the device name, attribute name, and attribute value as parameters, it makes it easy to setup conditional logic in Tasker to only trigger as you desire.

I’m mobile at the moment, so this post is a bit brief, but let me know if you need more details.

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ahhh, ok… I see what you’re thinking… Echo’s, Dot’s, Taps… you can NOT push a message to those devices. You can use those devices with this app to push messages to remote speakers, not other Alexa enabled devices.

for what you are wanting, the app can push messages based on the motion input… but only to remote speakers.

That’s why the page doesn’t say that you can do that… because you can’t.

Okay, thanks for the clarification, man. EchoSistant looks really cool for what it can do. But like many say, Echo is actually extremely selective on what it can and can’t do. Some have called it a glorified remote. Anyway, thanks very much for speaking up so things are clear. It’s all part of a process of the community learning what can and can’t be done.

If I’m not belaboring the point, if you go back and look at what I said about the landing page, I was not talking about the wiki landing page, I was talking about your landing page - the one that the link you provided brings one to, first.

Please reread what I wrote carefully.

Ultimately I am making a very small point which will only need a very small fix, but then all will be clear to neophytes. So please consider it.

As I learned in grad school, anybody that is giving constructive advice is improving your product for free and showing you other viewpoints. If one person speaks up, probably another hundred wanted that, too.

Anyway. Thanks for your nice app! :blush:

I gotcha… When you said landing page, the wiki page comes to mind first… not the thread link.

I’m assuming you read the entire first post in that thread link. It directs you to the wiki for full information about the app.

I’m not trying to bee obtuse, and I fully appreciate constructive criticism, so I’m trying to make sure we are on the same page.

In one of your posts above you link to the wiki, but not the beginning of the wiki, so that could be confusing yes.

In the first post if my release thread is the link to the beginning of the wiki.

Just an fyi, that wiki is not completed. It seems it never is. But what is there is the result of about 20 plus hours of work… So I tend to not repeat things in the release threads.

And with version four having been in work since the day of the last release (mind you there are two of us working this project) there are multiple hundreds of hours in he app and I get to overhaul the wiki.

But, your point is clear… I will definitely ensure that anyone reading it is well informed that a message can not be pushed to an Alexa device.


@Joshua_Lyon, is it possible to have SharpTools originate notifications which put a timestamp into the text of the message? Like “AMS4 - Motion in back yard at 3:01 am” or whatever.

ST notifications used to have timestamps in their text IIRC, then quit last summer or so. I really miss it because sometimes my notifications are greatly delayed. That’s a whole nother ball of wax I am looking into, but the fact remains, it would be great if ST notifications had timestamps in them. Then you could see at a glance if some important event really did just happen (run see who’s in the lawn!) or it’s from 3 hours ago. Now, if I want to know, I have to root around for 30-60 seconds to bring up the device and see its Recent history. Every time it happens, sigh.


P.S. Is there a main SharpTools thread somewhere where I might have asked this? I see a lot of forum messages on SharpTools, but don’t readily see one that looks like a main/general thread for general questions.

For those looking for other ways to play TTS notifications through external speakers - you can use the tasker AutoVoice plugin ( to cast notifications through Chromecast audio, or any other chromecast enabled device.

SharpTools doesn’t currently expose the timestamp of the event origination. If you turn on debug notifications, you can see the full payload the SharpTools receives from the push events:

SharpTools currently exposes all of these except for the location ID… and in SharpTools 3.0 BETA I’ve added the Location ID and Location Name as variables as well (%st_location_id and %st_location_name).

Unfortunately, it sounds like the timestamp of when the message is received by your device won’t work for you… I’ll take a look at adding the event origination timestamp, but I believe it will require modifying the SmartApp itself which would require approval by SmartThings. I would note that the initial submission of the SharpTools SmartApp took SmartThings 12 months to fully approve, so I try to avoid modifying the SmartApp wherever possible!

As crazy as it may seem, I’ve never created a thread for SharpTools. :stuck_out_tongue: You took the right approach though - tag me and I’d be happy to respond!

Hi @joshua_lyon I’m using sharptools with tasker and secure settings to turn my tablets screen off when my goodnight routine runs and it works great.
I’ve also set it up to wake my screen in the morning when my routine “Morning routine” runs but it never turns the screen on when it runs.
But the thing is if I create a new routine called “test” and use the same settings it will turn the screen on when I run the routine.
I’ve tried unsubscribing to the routines and subscribing again but still the same.
You any ideas.

What’s the difference between the profile for the Morning Routine and the Test routine? Is it literally the same Tasker profile with just the routine name changed?

Can you share an export of your relevant Tasker profiles?

Thanks for the reply.
Yeah all I’m doing is literally changing the name of the routine in task edit.
The morning routine just turns 3 lamps on and the test routine is blank.
Here’s the export

Profile: Morning Routine (9)
Event: Routine Executed [ Configuration:Active for ALL Routine Executions
Enter: Turn Screen On (8)
A1: Secure Settings [ Configuration:Screen & Keyboard Lights On
3 Seconds Timeout (Seconds):0 ] If [ %st_routine ~ morning routine ]

It’s just started working lol
I was just testing it again after doing the export and it just started working this time :joy:
Tried that loads yesterday but wouldn’t have it.
Sorry about that

Thanks for the update. Glad it’s working for you!

If you have trouble in the future, you can enable the Push Event Debug Notifications and you’ll be able to see the value SharpTools is receiving from Smart things. It’s often helpful to find discrepancies with names, etc.

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Cheers I will try that when I get home as even though it was working last night it didn’t turn the screen on this morning (UK) when the routine fired.

I am new to ST and creted my first automation. I was bit shocked when my Google Home “Voice Assistant” wasnt listed in the AV devices. I was hoping to create a voice alert. Its my understanding you can only push ST alerts to remote speakers. Can anybody tell me if this is a technical limitation with “Voice Assistants” or just the way they were designed? I have the ability to broadcast voice messages on them curious why my connected devices can’t do the same?

Hi JOnesto949,

I see that no one who specifically knows, is answering. So, for what it’s worth, I can only say:

SmartThings (ST) was made before Google Home. And probably even Amazon Echo. As I understand it, both of those devices have problems in terms of what they can interact with … only very specific things.

All in all, I think you will do much better to cut and paste your question and start a whole new thread about it on this forum, than burying it at the bottom of this old chain. This one is about using Tasker on Android phones. I’m sure there are MANY people familiar with ST and G. Home on the forum as a whole. But only a few people are monitoring this thread, and it’s on another topic.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

will do RK - thank you for bringing up "Tasker"I am not familiar with it so I will start to research.

Jones, maybe I should be more clear - you’re in the wrong topic. Your issue is with pushing announcements to Google Home (or whatever) - please correct me if wrong. This thread is only about making text-to-speech for an Android phone (only!) using Tasker.

Wish you much luck.

I’ve found smart home tech in general (not just SmartThings) to be depressingly complicated, if one has anything past a very simple set of a few things (turning on a few lights). It sounds like you’re there, if you’re trying to get Google Home to announce things.

Maybe our ideas are ruined by Hollywood, where everything’s super simple, lol.