Smartthings + ESP8266 + Roomba (DIY ThinkCleaner)


Can anyone point me in the right direction here, looking to integrate Smartthings + ESP8266 + Roomba into a DIY ThinkCleaner/ROOWiFi solution for smatthings but don’t know where to start.

Many examples online of controlling roombas with esp8266(home assistant), or smartthings integrated with esp8266(sonoff devices w/flashing), but from what i can find online none integrate the 3 into a DIY ThinkCleaner/ROOWiFi solution for smartthings.

Please send on any links or suggestions to get me started as i’m looking into this for my next project.

I believe the general idea with be;

  • Smartthings connected to ESP8266 (ESP01 or 03) through custom device handler (send HTTP commands)
  • ESP connected to roomba via PS2 VCC,GND, TX, RX,
  • ESP I/O pin wired to start button (wake up roomba before TX/RX commands)
  • ESP will send serial over TX/RX to control roomba and receive live data back from roomba

Programming isn’t my second language so there will be a learning curve for me.

Any help is appreciated.


Have a look here
I don’t think he has them listed as being compatible but you may be able to modify some code.

Very interesting, thank you!

No probs the dev who wrote it is great and has helped me a few times.
I have a few NodeMcu boards with DHT22 sensors attached all working fine through SmartThings.