Smartthings Energy App

@SmartThings are there any plans to include light switches, smart bulbs & pocket sockets in the energy app along side appliances? That would be a fantastic way to track energy usage.

I believe they only use that handle for posting announcements, I don’t think anyone reads responses to it. :thinking:

Try asking as a support request

Or ask on the twitter or Facebook accounts. Those are at least read by marketing staff.


Apart from @nayelyz and a couple of other dev people there has not been an interested ST staff member here for years, this forum is a strange place for official announcements but un official in its existence with regard to feedback or support

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This forum was set up many years ago so that customers could help other customers, it’s not really an official support channel except for some of the developer topics.

The announcements that are made here are also made elsewhere, but they know there are a lot of developers and influencers and power users who are active in this community, so they put the announcements here as well.

It is what it is.

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It exists because of developers i think is fair to say now JD

That is the only place ST has any interest on here now, when Brad left it seemed that was when interaction finaly ceased