[SmartThings Edge] Socket port binding limitation

Any plan to fix the socket port binding limitation? I have a few cases where the fixed port would make the integration mush easier. Thanks.

Calls to tcp.bind or udp.setsockname may only specify port 0 to be assigned a port randomly, unless you are binding to a multicast IP address and have already set the reuseaddr socket option to true . This is to prevent unexpected collisions between drivers trying to bind to the same port. We’re looking into ways to allow binding to stable port numbers in a way that prevents conflicts, but don’t have solid plans yet. If you have a hard need this, let us know.

Thanks for reaching out, @junliu!
I will check with the engineering team to see if they can provide feedback about this.
I’ll come back here as soon as I get an update :smiley:

Following up, @junliu. The team mentioned that there’s nothing defined yet as mentioned in the original statement.

If you have an integration that doesn’t work due to this behavior and there are no workarounds, you can let us know so we can discuss it further.