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I think I have found a bug in the code for injecting a capability command. I am seeing args being lost for the command. I am creating events using Driver.inject_capability_command. It has already been split out in this thread


This is another issue I am seeing where init is not called for devices when they are created in quick succession. It was previously reported by @rossetyler and @TAustin in this thread. I don’t see it listed above. This may not be a bug, but there is nothing documented that explains this behavior.

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Hi! :smiley: I’ll check this with the team and let you know their feedback.

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gh repo clone SmartThingsDevelopers/SampleDrivers

Hi, @Tommy_Pollyblank. Do you need help with the sample drivers?
Let us know if we can guide you in any way

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Do we know if the bug that causes the following error after a driver update or hub restart is going to be resolved?

cosock tried to call with no sockets and no timeout. this is a bug, please report it

I have code to re-establish a websockets connection after a reboot in my device_init method, but i always get that error, the same code from device_info_changed method (by faking a config change) re-establishes the connection properly



It may not be related, but are you tried calling with delay to the function with code that performs the reconnection.?

device.thread:call_with_delay(5, function() call your function end)

I had a similar problem, which affected the execution of the a necessary configuration on the device when the hub was restarted and calling the function with a 5 second delay solved it.

It seems that the execution of the drivers began without being 100% hub operative

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo Yes, that is what my code does

local function device_init(driver, device)"[" .. .. "] Initializing Harmony device")
  -- mark device as online so it can be controlled from the app
  if (device.preferences.deviceaddr ~= "192.168.1.n") then
    ipAddress = device.preferences.deviceaddr
    getHarmonyHubId(device,ipAddress) --this line works fine
    connect_ws_harmony(device) --this line does not
function connect_ws_harmony(device)"connecting over websockets ip: "..ipAddress.."HubId: "..hubId)
  hello_world_driver:call_with_delay(1, function ()
  end, 'WS START TIMER')

The hubId is printed in just the hubId is what was not available when i call to configure in my driver

Yes - that is the harmony hubid, retrieved by this line which calls a function, that does a http post

The code is here, if you wanted a look SampleDrivers/init.lua at main · lrmulli/SampleDrivers · GitHub

Thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Adding an additional delay (using your syntax) inside the device_init method seems to have solved it

I replaced the commented line with the following

    device.thread:call_with_delay(5, function() connect_ws_harmony(device) end)

Thank you


I have no idea if this is possible and if it is the same type of problem, but as I commented in this thread when I got the errors with the restart of the hub, I think that if they put a delay for the start of the execution of the drivers after a restart of the hub, to give time for everything to be 100% operational, these problems could be solved

Well it worked, thank you

Not sure if it was the additional delay, or the syntax or the position that helped as I already tried my original code at 5s delay and that didn’t work

Thanks for the supports

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I also ended up doing this. You can’t connect within the first few seconds of driver init


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