Smartthings+Echo+Harmony Hub = Voice Controlled TV! (2016 version)

The days are numbered, I wouldn’t put much effort into this.

@BBoy486 if you really cannot wait, Yonomi is 10 minutes away to to exactly what you need:

Yonomi gives ST and IFTTT a run for their money!

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Are you aware that the command must be “Alexa turn on whatever”. There are some words it just can;to seem to handle I had to change mute to shut up, turn on TV became turn on Satellite, Still working on an off command.

I do not use Harmony’s default method of everything on - off whatever. When I tried it changing anything (like from HDMI to another input) powered down everything, then back up. I set all devices to have no power button

It’s weird because it should not. I still use normal Harmony remotes and work fine - even imported the old ones … and they fail

Actually this is awesome because it takes one device out of the equation I have both a harmony and Alexa so this would be good for me.

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Just curious in what you follow to find out about these integrations? I follow a ton of new site some blogs but I didn’t see this on my radar at all

Yes but I think the commands I was using or too close to the premade commands .

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That can definitely happen. See:

It is something with that input. I changed it to That Jam so Alexa Turn On That Jam… Still nada.

Remember that to Alexa right now the harmony activities are invisible. Echo can only see the switches on your SmartThings devices list. So you need to make sure that those Virtual switches exist in your SmartThings things list and that you have individually authorized them for use by Echo. And you have to be saying the name of the switch that is in your things list, not the name of the activity, because they aren’t necessarily the same.

When you very first add your harmony hub to SmartThings it automatically creates virtual switches for you, but at least the last time I looked it gave them weird names.

And if you create any activities after you have added your harmony hub to smartthings, those won’t have virtual switches. You will have to create your own.

I no longer use the SmartThings/harmony integration because it kept changing too often and I couldn’t keep up with it. So I just use the IFTTT method.

That’s why I encourage you to ask your follow-up questions in the 2016 thread that I linked to above, because the people there are using the current integration and they will be able to help you. Really I can’t help you on this.

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Using IFTTT as well with it. Had no idea they were about to become better friends. Thanks for posting that link to the article.

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I tried ifttt for about 6 months now. It seems to not function correctly, or long delays usually in the morning. So I went out a bought the ST hub. Took me about 2 hours to figure out how to integrate harmony hub to ST. It works great for me now. I added about 15 most watched channels, tv on/off, sound up/down, mute (works fine for me), dvd with bose surround system turn on with it.

After you synced the Harmony with ST, you must go and edit the activities name and take out “harmony logitech” otherwise Alexa won’t recognize it. Every activities you created in Harmony will have the “harmony logitech” name extension after you synced with ST. So take it out.

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I did the same , I had watch tv and fire tv and she got confused. So I changed watch tv to cable. Also now when’s tell her alexa turn cable off she does it. I so took the word music out of the activity when I stream music to my receiver as she started playing music thru the echo. Oh and at first when I was having issues I connected Alexa to harmony via the ifttt app not thru the ifttt smartapp in smartthings and it’s always worked great but now that my alexa/ST/harmony integration is working I use that more because it’s a bit quicker.

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Thanks for that link. I guess the direct integration will be better but mine is working pretty good thru ST right now . I figure I’ll have to keep the harmony hub linked to smartthings so the buttons on the remote can still control my lights. Although I don’t use them much occasionally when I get up early I use the remote to turn a porch light off that shines thru my living room window rather than waiting for its scheduled shut off. Also right now I have an activity called ‘cable’ under both harmony activities and ST so if I say “alexa turn on cable” which route would she choose? I assume I can just edit the name in ST and keep it linked to that activity,

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It works ok, it’s just hit or miss.

I would like it if harmony would have actions added to devices and activities. Not that it’s necessary for me but while watching tv I’d like to be able to say “alexa turn on pause” then "alexa turn on play’ without leaving my current activity. I set up activities for both and they work thru ST and ifttt but then I’m in ‘play’ activity which doesn’t have my favorites, buttons set up etc… Then I have to put it back in ‘cable’ activity. I realize this is more of a thing on the harmony end but I’m not active on that forum.

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My setup. I used Yonomi to interface Harmony and Echols.

I have my ST/Harmony/Alexa setup working, but it doesn’t quite work as I was expecting. I added the routines as activities, but I can’t seem to just add a single button press, like Mute, or Channel Up, Volume Up. The routine has to turn on all the devices first, then I add a step to Mute or Volume Up. Problem is that if the devices are already on (which it usually is when you want to turn the volume up), it turns some of the things off. Also it then see that the current activity is Volume Up, not Watch TV. If I want to Turn up the volume again, it thinks I’m shutting off the Volume Up Activity and shuts the whole system off.
Kinda frustrating.

I was trying to add the command to the channels on logitech, chose my dish receiver but doesnt give any choice on the value to choose the channel I want i.e. HGTV

How did you do it? thanks

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on the Value field, you actually have to type in the channel number that represents HGTV on your Dish.

If the devices were originally turned on by Harmony it should know they’re on and not shut them off. That’s what happens with mine. I have activities set up for skip ahead, back, pause/play but until I get my dot it’s easier for me to just got a button as alexa is in the kitchen. I wish harmony would add ‘actions’ to ‘devices’ and activities so if you were watching tv you could say “alexa hgtv” and it would change the channel without changing activities.

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Has anyone managed to get Netflix / Kodi to work with Alexa / Harmony / Smartthings,


Alexa play Luke Cage Episode 3 on Netflix

which could then turn on my TV, ShieldTV, change to correct channel and launch Netflix.

Big ask, but that would be nice.

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