SmartThings DSC/EnvisaLink Integration (Working Solution)

I tried this, but running into an issue for disarm of the DSC panel. My logic if SmartThings Home Monitor set to armed (away), change DSC to armed (away) with action turn on or off. When I move STHM to off, it doesn’t disarm DSC. Do I need two automations to accomplish this? If so, then what happens when I way armed stay vs armed away.

I’d start by just creating the handler (and accompanying switch device) and making sure that when you manually toggle it it works as expected (i.e. arm/disarm). I had a ton of problems with automations myself in the new app so want to make sure you can rule out an issue with this device handler as opposed to a more general issue with ST itself. Also please check over your settings in the device handler: if it arms fine but doesn’t disarm it’s very likely an issue with the password you entered (does it have an extra space at the end maybe?).

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@vadimb I just wanted to let you know I was able to get this to work with my DSC system with an Envisalink 4. The home/away “devices” were transferred into google home just like switches and I’m using routines to automate them. Thank you so much for this! Was able to pick up a Smartthings hub V3 off marketplace for $30 and got it up and running. My system required Variant-02. Thanks again!

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Thanks for this. This is the first time I’ve copy and pasted someone’s code, etc. It was surprisingly easy. It works great for integrating into automations and scenes. I’ve always wished I could pull the envisalink over into ST.

I’m finding that the ST app doesn’t seem to know the arming status. It sends the commands, turns the alarm on/off, but I can’t trust the the status shown in the app. It may show the “away switch” to be off when its actually on or visa versa.

Regardless, I love having my alarm worked into my “Good Morning”, “Good Night” and “Goodbye” scenes.


Thanks for the feedback, Danny!

Unfortunately the stale status thing is an underlying issue with ST and not a whole lot we can do about it at this time. The other reason why it won’t actually work is because EnvisaLink was not really built for this use case, meaning that for status to be up to date we’d need to have this handler constantly polling their servers, which could get “expensive” and probably not the best solution.

Hence I decided to keep that functionality out for time being. I believe if you force a manual status refresh in ST it should still update with the correct status tho at that time?

Thanks for the follow up. Makes sense. Great job on the app/code. Being able to work it into scenes is the way I’ll use most. I’m glad I found your post.

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