SmartThings double-press button actions are broken (1 Sep 2020 outage)

I have five ST buttons and they all work perfectly. My actions are all setup using the Smart Lighting Smart App (and they run locally).

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When they respond asking for the same screenshots etc. you’ve already provided, or asking you to uninstall/reinstall the app, include this next line in your response to them. You have to get past the front-line support people before any action may be taken.

Your message has not solved my issue, please escalate this to your technical lead and team manager for further assistance.

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Does that let you select double-press?

Yes double-press works fine. I have 3 Smart Lighting automations for each button - one press turns on light dimmed, 2 presses turns on light 100%, and hold turns off light.

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Going in for two days now

That exceeds last week’s back-end breakage. (SHM, IFTTT and webCoRE were broken (25 Aug 2020) (all fixed 36 hours later))

I just randomly tested and double-tapping worked again. Hopefully the fix sticks.

Same here. I submitted an error report and I keep getting the usual runaround about restarting, removing/adding, etc…

This should be working again, please post if you have any additional difficulties with the double press or SmartThings Button in general.


Yea … i can now stop providing the same email to SmartThings/Samsung support via email.

What was the issue?

Why is is that everyday now something new brakes?

Kind of annoying that during this issue Samsung help were sending out a laundry list of useless things to do to attempt to fix the double tap issue. Glad I didn’t waste my time doing any of it.

Their advice was something like “Delete the devices, delete the app, reinstall the app, reinstall the devices and re-create your automations”. I have three buttons, I would have wasted hours for no results.

Oh and by the way, double click is working again for me also!

I’m guessing somebody added some sort of dwell time logic between command responses. Since the double click was within that dwell time, the cloud never saw the two clicks.

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Tip of the iceberg I fear. I can hear the violins already.

Hi Garrett, double tap is not working for me on zooz switch with ABC smartspp

Thank you! My double tap is back operational!

Double tap is working for me again.

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My buttons started to work normally yesterday. Thanks.

This sounds like a separate issue that I’d recommend working with the “ABC” SmartApp author on. Even when this issue was occurring, it was only effecting cloud-based Automations/Event Reporting/Device tiles in the new SmartThings App. Groovy-based SmartApps were unaffected, which is why “SmartLighting” (as noted earlier in the thread) continued to work.

Hope this information helps!

Hi Garrett, when I tried it this morning it was working again after several days of not working.

No changes were made to the ABC app – the code is copied-and-pasted into my IDE and I have not applied any updates.

I think the only remaining possibility is that the changes made by ST had both impacts. (Causing it to stop working; then starting to work again.)

In any event, all is well that ends well.


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Also having this issue.

I was having this issue with my Samsungs Smartthings Button too. I noticed in the device information page, it says it only supports the following: button values:
So pushed_2x does not work like the documentation leads one to believe it should. (