Smartthings detects every sensor wrong

my smartthings hub which I’ve bought last week from amazon uk detects each device wrong. I’m using android.

Fibaro multi sensor:

  • detected as aeon multi sensor
  • only motion is detected
  • no temperature or tamper

Fibaro smoke detector:

  • detected as zwave sensor inactive

POPP smoke detector (zwave plus)

  • detected as door opening sensor!

Hauppauge smoke detector:

  • inactive zwave sensor

In general I don’t have configuration options for the sensors. The multi sensor shows a configuration button but I cannot tap it. Only option I can change is the device name.

Do I need to update my hub manually? I’ve even tried to include the devices manually but without success.

Ok I’ve found the website to change the device type

Hi! I have the same problem with popp smoke detector, can you please send me a link to the website where you found the solution?