SmartThings Controls X10 Switch -- Demo

Is that in Github? I can’t find the X10Bridge anywhere,

Do you have a link to the code? Some that I have found are broken links.

P.S I am using the v2 HUB

Thought it was. But i see what you mean all 404’s. Unfortunatly i deleted the copy from my own IDE…

try this one:

I am very familiar with how X10 works, but I am new to SmartThings. I really like alot of the features offered by SmartThings and after watching your Youtube video I was convinced it would be an easy setup to the new technology, using some of the old technology until I could afford to replace it with new. One of the things I am not understanding after reviewing the SmartThings App for my phone or Ipad, is I am not able to see how to add the X10 controller for example the CM19A or the CM15A. Can you please provide further details on how this is done?

You can’t. My solution was using a bridge running Mochad software on a Linux box. However, since SmartThings to this day does not support a simple TCP socket protocol, it didn’t work well and I have scrapped this project. I gradually replaced all X10 switches with Z-Wave, which are more reliable and secure. X10 served us well, but I think it’s time for it to retire. :slight_smile:

There was one fellow who build a Netduino based bridge to CM15A (IIRC). That would be an effective method of doing an X10 integration. There isn’t a published integration, but if you search around you might find it, and I think his code is on Github.

I recently built a Lutron RadioRA integration based on Arduino with a SmartThings ThingShield. This approach uses zigbee to communicate between the Arduino and SmartThings, and avoids the whole TCP socket mess. Arduino is a very capable platform for this type of integration between the old world, and the new.

True, but it’s a relatively expensive solution. I wanted to build something that cost $0, re-using equipment I already had. :smile:

You are right. The Arduino setup cost me $80 or $100. But the expensive part was the Lutron side. $100 is a lot to just keep old stuff going.

I read somewhere here about someone integrating their Domia hub used with lightwave or ByeByeStandby products with smartthings and the post explained how X10 sockets could be controlled via Smart Things using https in an app.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I can’t find the post anywhere now and have a Domia hub and a smartthing hub already

I have a question unrelated to X10 but related to your video.

It appears you are running on an iPad at full screen. Am I seeing things?

I think it’s just running the app in 2x mode due to the black borders. However, to run in full screen, you can do it if the iPad is jailbroken which allows it to run a program called Fullforce. See some examples here:

Some of you may like to see a new x10 and smarthings way. I made a video