Smartthings Contact Sensor Broken?

Hi, I had a bit of an issue last night where I noticed my Philips Hue lightstrip wasn’t turning on like normal when I opened the door so assumed it was Hue but after checking all my other Hue stuff I discovered it wasn’t down to that so I started looking at Smartthings and took the batteries out and power cable then powered it up again 30 seconds or so later but still no joy so I then looked at my sensor on the door. This was where the issue lay it seems.

I took the battery out an noticed the top contact was actually loose and appeared not connected to the board and after a bit of shacking it dropped out so it wasn’t any longer soldered to the board and further upon looking this part seems to have some rust on which it shouldn’t of course so then I looked at the battery also and that doesn’t have rust so I’m confused.

I’ve emailed Smartthings but as it’s the holidays I’m going to be waiting a long time I should think but I’m not sure what to do really as it’s the sensor that came in my Smartthings Starter Kit and the place I brought it from would no doubt want the entire lot to process it as a straight return which I obviously don’t wish to do but then I don’t know how Smartthings themselves go about fix/replacing items like this? It’s all of 2-3 months old if that to be honest.

I had this problems few months ago, they sent me a new device.

Hi, did they request the old one back before sending a replacement as this would make things take even longer. It’s typical it’s happened over the holidays when post is slow and people are off work.

They request to send back after I got new one.

That’s not as bad as requesting it first then waiting on them to decide to send a replacement out. It’s a pain for sure.