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SmartThings Cloud is Down

(Andrew Maiman) #34

Yesterday it didn’t detect that I was home and the sirens went off. Now I can’t open my door or they’ll all go off again. This has to stop. I can’t have a home security system that can’t be controlled.

I understand that it’s not possible to have 100% uptime on a cloud service. There needs to be a local-only control method to disable the alarm once it has been triggered (a code or switch pattern or something…)

I have a traditional alarm system as well, so I guess it’s time to disable the SmartThings alarm again until they get their act together.

(Brian) #35

Up for me now.

(M Li) #36

I find that it goes up and down at random intervals. sometimes I can see my devices, other times, I get app crashes or the red ribbon telling me an unexpected error occurred.


They need to move more functions local…

(Greg) #38

I think I made the right decision not using a stock Siren DTH. Just hope I can disarm fast enough when ST comes back online.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #39

What do you expect / need them to say???

(Brian) #40

IDE is down for me though still. Status page accurate.

(Geko) #41

On the bright side, SmartThings online store is not affected by the outage. It’s a pity you can’t control your devices, but you can still buy more of them. :smiley:

(Shelley Powers) #42

No kidding it’s down.

Nothing works. Can’t use my smart app, or Amazon Echo to control any devices.


Just wondering, been hanging with you guys for more than a year now.
Just wondering when you will be out of beta.
I’m thinking of going back to rocks, sticks, and a bucket of water poised over the doorway.

(Shelley Powers) #44

And she’s alive!

Well, until next time.

(Andrew Maiman) #45

After many retries I was able to get in long enough to delete my Smart Home Montor config so at least I can open the door now…

(Timothy Sheehan) #46

The only reason I bought SmartThings was because Vera didn’t support Zigbee… With the new VeraPlus, I think its time to go back. The constant outages and app issues I have been experiencing is no good!

(Abe) #47

My hub appears to be active again…but for how long? We’ll see.

(Rick S) #48

I’m back up so far. Some pages in the IDE are screaming fast, others take several mins to load

Android app similar response


(Ronald Dodson) #49

I’m up well now as well. Just joined as it went down.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #50

Is your Your alarm battery powered it does it plug in?

If it plugs in you could put plug in module in place. Get one with a physical on/off button so you have physical local control.

Or, just take the batteries out so you can leave the house.

(Beckwith) #51

I’m with you but try explaining it to your spouse over the phone with blaring siren.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #52

Dude… Preventative WAF maintenance… Do it when the system is UP!

(Eric) #53

I just moved to v2. It was me

Anyway, all this fancy local stuff according to the IDE is running local. So in this outage I thought, cool, at least I can turn on the lights and tv.

App wouldn’t let me on. So local is horse crap if the mobile app can’t at least cache credentials and let me send commands to the local device

Oh yeah. Local still goes through the cloud for any manual efforts to control via mobile device.