Smartthings clothing care

At last, Smartthings has a clothing care section, how did it come to this sob sob sob

interesting. Do you have a Samsung washer or dryer added to SmartThings?

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No nothing… isn’t the clothing thing available to everyone ?

They sell smart washers, and even win some CES awards for them, so that part makes sense.

I’d just be surprised if it’s offered as a general feature.

I do have a smart plug attached to our machine and a few apps that are supposed to tell us when its finished ( never works) either that triggered me seeing the app then or my phone can smell me

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I don’t see it in the iOS app. Where did you find it?

Looks like you’re in a beta tester group. Are you signed up for one? or do you have a current support ticket open?

No and no JD, it will probably vanish soon, like when I mentioned my St smart app on the TV was not connecting to the St server, the app vanished from the Tv next day lol


If they want to send me a fancy washing machine to test with I’m happy to keep it secret :crazy_face:

I could also do with a smart hob and fridge


Can I also say I find this Samsung representative’s eye makeup very distracting. (That is makeup, right? I don’t know much about that stuff.)

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I’m not qualified to comment on stuff like that JD but I did notice there was a lot of tapping involved

However I connected a couple of IKEA movement sensors today… they need some serious manick button pushing to get them to pair. Make note of that incase anyone asks how to get the things to register, just push the link button on the device over and over and over and over and… u get my drift

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No doubt the app will get proof read as it develops but just incase ST devs missed it

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I wonder if its only on Galaxy phones? I don’t see it on my Blue Stacks version of Android with the ST app.

I have both the washer and dryer and Galaxy phones, and I still don’t see this.

I believe @fido is in the UK, it may be region specific. also it’s marked as “Beta.“

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A lot of smartapps are region specific.
Smartthings energy and smartthings air are not available in the USA but are available in Korea :rage:
I have a Samsung air purifier but still can’t use the smartapp.

We need more feature parity between regions

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SmartThings Energy is In the UK too with the Bulb partnership.

In Korea I just think it tallies your total energy usage? Haven’t been able to try it yet.

It must have passed through QA, as @blake.arnold said.