"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

I have no clue what the new ST platform will support. I can tell you that ST_Anything and Nest are both supported on Hubitat already. :wink:


All my custom smartapps, including webcore, work fine in the new app after installing in Classic.

How about Custom Device Handlers?

Just finished getting my last one working today. Well, by working I mean displaying standard cabibikities. No custom capabilities or weird combinations of capabilities yet.

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Maybe I said this already: Rumor is that “custom capabilities” will not be supported in the new API.

I do not have a referenceable source. Just setting a “worst case scenario” expectation. Ad hoc Attributes and Commands have been very useful, but also over-used; so if this rumor is true, I am personally ambivalent.

Is there no state history in the new app?
I can’t seem to find it. And the “classic” app no longer has any of my devices in it…

Have you checked your location in the Classic app? History in the new app is under the menu in the Notifications section of the new app. Takes forever to load for me, though.

When I go into the new app, all of my devices she disconnected, and none of my custom smart apps show up. My account has been migrated from ST to Samsung. Anybody having this issue?

Disconnected/checking status for custom handlers is expected at this point. Already installed smart apps should be under the automations tab.

Nope, not one of my smart apps is showing up. Any ideas!!!

I had to add a new one, then the rest showed up

Call Smartthings. I had the same issue. The new app duplicates your location and causes the problem. They will delete the the duplicate, which fixes the problem immediately

Also look for some Smartapps in Dashboard: Settings: Connected Services

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Saw a post somewhere (that I can’t find now) that the custom automations piece in the new app is going to be changed up in some way. So is it not a good idea to mess around with that piece at this time?

I’m not using the new app at all, really, but I’ve poked around a little. I thought it might be interesting to see what that piece is capable of, but not interested in doing it if it’s going to change in the near future. I was kind of thinking it might be able to go ahead and replace a couple of very simple webCoRE pistons… just to try it out, but given the confusing comments about it, I figured it was best to see where we are in the process with this.

With that attitude, I’m afraid you’ll never get anything done. Of course, folks should not rush into the new App (heck … as long as it doesn’t do something you need, then stick with the well-weathered Classic App).

But everything about SmartThings is subject to change - mostly without notice. So converting a few pistons into the new Automations is not a big risk.

And not that I’m starting any rumors; but you never know when WebCoRE may suddenly cease to exist. SmartThings is fully within their rights to disable it and all your Pistons; so exploring Automations sooner rather than later helps everyone prepare for the worst.

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i’m probably the one that said they were changing it, and i’m also the one that is still converting Webcore pistons over to it. YOLO!

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True enough about the attitude, but I was implying that the change might be sooner as opposed to “in a few weeks”. I’m just not much of a beta guy. I let other folks break stuff, and when it’s semi-stable, that’s when I come in. Semi-stable… There’s a SmartThings joke in there somewhere, but I’ll let someone with more seniority make it.

As for the rest, preparing for the transition (and possibly the worst) was part of the plan. I’ve already got everything but one device (LIFX Group of Groups) and the webCoRE presence sensor to stock DTH’s, and I only have a handful of webCoRE pistons that make up my custom SmartApp collection (Does ActionTiles count as a custom SmartApp at this point?), so I’m well on the way. It all works pretty well for what I want to do, just requires a little more creativity than using some of the custom stuff.

Still, I do appreciate the advice. I also think @Automated_House was right that he said it. Thanks!


I got this banner in my app today. I’m trying to stay with classic until I absolutely have to update.

Does this mean I have to update to the new app? Can I let it go for a while?

Can I ride out with classic until I get a “must update now” message?

I got that same message and ONLY migrated my account from an old SmartThings account to a Samsung account. During that process, I recall it tells you to keep using the Classic App.


Ok thanks. Here’s to hoping. I don’t need to be up until 1am fixing stuff.