"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

A really simple workaround is to add the Switch Level capability and map the 10 sounds to 10 levels…


Brilliant idea, Kevin! :bulb:


That’s actually how I wrote my Zooz Smart Chime handler which is the same device as the Dome Siren so in theory that handler should work as-is.


The new app sucks! Please don’t force us to use the new one. I have 90+ devices and half are now disconnected. To completely rebuild this manually is a very expensive endeavor.

Can you define what you mean by disconnected? Do you get the disconnected message on the devices, or the checking status message or are some not showing up?


Got a weird issue where a couple bulbs shows that they can’t be reached on the new app but work fine with the classic app. The developer interface shows that the bulbs are connected fine and responding. Think it’s similar to what mikenicholson might be getting. Already opened up a ticket for it.

Are these bulbs using a custom DTH? What type of bulbs? Come on folks, provide more details so we can offer any assistance if possible.


These are GE Link bulbs. Not using any custom DTH, just did a regular add device and they were added to the hub. Wasn’t really expecting to get assistance here which is why I submitted a ticket with all the details, just wanted to post that I’m seeing similar issues as others.

Guessing it’s something with the new app that only ST could fix since the bulbs show up and work fine in the web/classic app.

Kind of a side topic, but these gave me a terror of a time with the constant dropping off the network. Once the Sengleds came out (cheap and have been reliable), I dropped them like a hot potato.

Oh good to know, may have to give those a try. These do drop occasionally but doing a quick “Add device scan” always seems to fix the connection without having to re-add them. I had similar problems with another brand and just thought it was the location.

They just updated the GE link device handler with three new app UI metadata info. Not sure when it will hit production though. Try the zigbee dimmer device type in the mean time.

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What about the people that have had the new smart things app for appliances for months now as they obviously pit no thought into that.

Doesn’t matter all custom DTHs are broke and not working making half my devices close to 60 useless.

I guess you missed my point about providing more details so we can offer assistance if possible. For example, there might be a stock DTH we could recommend that make the device(s) work in both apps. But again, my post was asking folks to provide more details instead of just saying “things don’t work”.


I did not. If you can find a fan stock dth or garage door with switch capabilities, or zoom motion sensors or zwave locks that accept codes please let me know. I looked and found nothing.

Oh and lightfy binding switch. Zooz water vavle to turn off when water detected. Light strips fro Osram. I might have a few others.

The new app does not let you to connect to a new Smartthings hub V2. I had to install the classic to add the Hub, and then it showed up also in the Samsung Connect.
Also with a smart lock, with the new app I can only set automatic actions to close the lock, but never to open it. I am new at Smartthings, but looks like the new app is missing a lot.


I am saying that with classic I can add a new smarthings hub and not with STSC.
I am saying that with classic I can unlock my door but not with STSC.
Are those differences between apps?

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If you follow the link that @jkp gave you, you will see that indeed the unlock feature is not available in STSC yet. You can unlock by just toggling in the app, but there is no way to automate unlocking in the new app.

As far as adding a new hub, the procedure is somewhat different. I would suggest getting in touch with support on that.



Does anyone know if custom apps like Konnected, Nest Manager, ST Anythinjg, etc… will be supported with the new app? I am investing into these systems a lot!