"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

Why is this?

This has already been discussed multiple times in this thread as well as others.

The new “smartthings (Samsung connect)” app (STSC) is missing some important functionality which the classic app still has. That includes any use of custom device type handlers, any use of custom smart apps unless you add them through the classic app first, other automation features, some Geopresence features, support for the ADT model line, etc. See the official support base FAQ. Everyone who already has classic should continue to use it until you receive an individual message from support to shift over. They do intend to add that functionality, or at least much of it, into the new app, it just isn’t there yet.

If you have any further questions about this, just ask support. :sunglasses:


Urgh. Gave the new one a try (after receiving email etc).

Advantages? Looks better IMO.


  • Virtual switches doesn’t work (Virtual Device Creator), used them quite a bit for disabling motion detection, arming alarm etc.
  • Sloooooooow. Slow interface, slow at adding devices.
  • Can’t hit a device and easily see associated smartapps anymore. Instead, all automations are on one big list. Awful.
  • No more routines, it seems.

All in all, a massive step backwards I’m afraid. Why on earth this has gone forward beats me.

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I agree the app should never have been released in its current state for Smartthings integration, they should have kept it solely for the Samsung appliances with a closed Beta for ST integration when it was more matured

Please do bare in mind we are testing the Alpha/Beta version, it has not been billed as such but for all intense purposes that is exactly what it is, it is undergoing full develoment by various teams with the addition of Harmon now as well


So as always I want to just warn everyone that any information I give is subject to change/may not happen as I am giving this update a few minutes after I learned about this but, I am really excited and I wanted to share with you guys.

So I’ve continued to go back and forth with the mobile team at HQ and since I last gave an update we have continued to discuss the permissions scheme in Android and the concerns you guys are sharing (including this thread). Well it looks like we got this in front of the right people and I was just tagged on a few tickets to do a full reevaluation of the Contact & Location permissions with the end goal of having them be marked as optional. This just happened so like I said, its not a guarantee and I can’t provide a timeline but the fact that there are tasks that are prioritized and assigned to dev teams to try and fix the overly intrusive permissions is a big deal. When/If I get more information/updates on this effort I’ll make sure to share but in the meantime I’m hopeful that we’ll see some improvements here sometime soon.


Do I need to factory reset my hub to migrate from the Classic to Connect?

Sure. Or you can read the thread and realize that you should wait. Your call.


I’ll be honest, 469 posts or ask :slight_smile:


Ok, then don’t migrate to the new app until specifically instructed to by ST.



I’m still waiting on the migration notice.
This is taking pretty long in my opion.

The longer the better for me.



I am extremely frustrated with the mess Samsung did!

A few weeks back we received an email to start using the new fancy app…then, a few days after, we got emailed not to use the app now…really wtf?!

Now on iOS i stopped receiving push notifications from the old app, I receive push notifications from the new app…and very randomly, wtf is going on??

Should we use the NEW or the OLD app?

Also, the geolocation stopped working, now of course no wonder where the problem is coming from, the new app or the old one?

I think I have my account migrated to this one holy single-sign on samsung app…

Now, When is this going to be fixed? and which app should we use???

I’ve found recently that using the new app with location services will cause the classic app location to break. It will come back eventually if you don’t use the new app. The new app also constantly logs me out.

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guys sorry for this even when i have been passed some hours reading this post.

last month i purchased a v2 hub and i made my integrations with new ST app (a ring pro camera, some hue bulbs, a 2017 smart tv and a bose speaker) and everything works as described on the app…buuuut i just discovered the community and webcore so i installed it yersterday through github and the classic ST app and when i open again the new ST app Core appears on mysmartpp but as you know i cant make work any pistons…even the basic one…what would be your best recommendation ? make a new config from scratch with classic app?


You don’t use the SmartThings app to write a piston. You need to use a web browser or the WebCore app and register the browser/app to your WebCore instance.


thanks for your time my new friend

How did you make it visible in new ST app? I followed instructions, installed it, I can see on classic ST app, but not in new app. When I login to ST site, I see it listed under my Smart Apps, but cannot see in new app.

Thank you!

in the new app, WebCore should be listed on your Automations tab

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Thank you.
I’m seeing it when connecting to ST account with Samsung login/password (same I’m using for new app), but not in the app in automation tab. I’ve read this thread, know about limitations of new app, but decided to start fresh and in new app, all went well, it’s reading custom device handlers, I have all the devices (lights, sensors, cameras, thermostats, fridge, vacuum, buttons) connected and working. Only if I can get the webCoRE.

I’ll delete it and start installing again, hopefully it will fix it.