"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

At the very least your user info is stored (but contacts are not accessed) using the contact feature in Android (same as ST Classic. I’ve still got this question out to the Android lead at HQ just to verify it’s not being used for anything else.


This is true. You have to install them in the classic app, and then they show up in OneApp

p.s. OneApp is an interesting, but fitting, way to refer to the new app.

Trust me, I get it and a lot of us out here know what you guys are up against and the challenges that you have to deal with and what gets communicated and what you are able to communicate.

It’s just that with so many different entry points (customers with a v1, v2 hub), and those with a Samsung Connect having to use the new app to configure the Router, versus other customers not knowing if they are supposed to download and install the new app. Or those with it already pre loaded on their Samsung S9s and the fact that it is available for download, people think it’s an active and complete app.

The debacle with the email communication and the Samsung Classic update that included the communication for the new app created so so so much confusion and chaos that all of us here in the community are trying to redirect people to what they should be using, what we have heard and when or why this is happening. My point about the Announcement is to give everyone awareness to clarify everything we have been trying to say in 50 different threads to all customers and new ones coming on everyday that continue to be confused or those that thought they were supposed to use the new app and ended up destroying their current and active environment and end up being told by support to reset their hub.

I spent a few days comparing functions in the new app between IOS and Android with @Automated_House and things like SHM existing on IOS but not on Android (this was weeks back).

Anyway, I know you guys don’t have the time to constantly monitor and maintain, but if you could convey the importance to the Product side of the house, who could then draft up an entire article that covers everything from what will transpire, what product owners should be using it, who should remain running Classic. This would help clarify and kill a ton of the confusion that continues daily. The little FAQ that was created only goes so far and doesn’t contain who, what, why and how.


Sounds to me Samsung need a smartthings communicator that can keep the forum updated


They are getting it for free from the dozen or so of us that are attempting to keep people updated :slight_smile:

I have noticed that there have been quite a few new staff members over the last week as well that came out of nowhere trying to assist for various issues including the big EU outage.

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According to the new developer docs, at the present time an account can only have 10 custom smartapps. Is that still true?

Seen it WB but the information is being lost deep in threads that cant be found and referenced easily

:grinning: I wasn’t disagreeing with you. It all gets buried. I was just stating that we are doing the work for them. If we didn’t all post for everyone, there would have been an even bigger uproar and upheaval, then someone may have stepped in to moderate.

Hopefully Vlad can convey the importance to the Product side.

Shortly after our other posts, we received the new email. This won’t have any impact on the folks that previously participated in the Account Migration Beta. That email refers to the same process that everyone else will be going through.

This was another opportunity that in addition to the email, they could have been posted in the Announcements section. So now we will see more panic and chaos from this latest email.

Having just recieved the transition email i really really wish there was a dedicated section for OneApp … good luck to support your gona b busy

The email was about account migration but said to continue using the classic app until further communication :slight_smile:

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Since this thread seems like a popular place, i’m going to post two links to info about the account migration


There really should be somethings posted in the FAQ about having to log back in to the Alexa skill.

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They addressed some of the bugs such as the GitHub integration in the 2nd and 3rd beta test rounds.

I posted that summary of bugs (that you and me went thru in round 1) in the new thread that was created.

@slagle I believe confirmed the GitHub one. Not sure about the Alexa Skill or other bugs as listed in the post above

I thought Slagle posted in Centercode that there wasn’t anything they could do about the Alexa one. hopefully the new location bug as addressed.

Hopefully OneApp will report 35 devices after the transition rather than the 70 it currently reports :grin:

In any case, any nuance, issue or big that they didn’t get resolved in the final beta test rounds, should be documented in some sort of procedure as to what you need to do post migration of your account (@vlad can you convey this as well?)

There were 10 or so bugs that came out of the Account Migration Beta which resulted in all of us testers needing to do a bunch of manual things. I documented the summary of these bugs before but as an example:

  1. We had to reenable GitHub and then retie all our SmartApps and DHs to them
  2. Disable/Enable Alexa Skill
  3. All Favorites on Dashboard we’re deleted. Had to manually add.
  4. Widgets for IOS users we’re removed
  5. There’s more but you get the idea

Here’s the entire summary of the bugs from Round 1 of the Account Migration Beta:

@vlad can you make sure that this isn’t overlooked as part of the Migration instructions? This will be a Support nightmare otherwise!

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If you can already login to the new app then you won’t get a migration

Its rather ironic that the clarification from Smartthings on the two apps (whilst welcomed) will inevitably result in further confusion with the addition of another pseudonym for the new app.

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I learned a lot when Iris moved from “old” to “new”.

  1. Wait as long as you can to “upgrade”. Let some other suckers be the beta testers.
  2. When they couldn’t get their crap together, switch to a different service.
    The Iris “upgrade” is what led me to SmartThings. Hopefully I don’t have to switch again when SmartThings forces me to upgrade.

What the what !! I use the new app but am unable to login to the Samsung account from the old app which uses the St login details

Natural assumption means the New Smartthings app is seeing both IDE accounts hence 70 devices … 35 in each but really only 35 exist in the old St account

Transition to one single IDE ( samsung New St ) and i get just 35

In theory

Just to be clear this aint a call for help just things i notice in usage