"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

My understanding just from Published postings is that they didn’t intentionally disable control: the people on the television side changed some of that API Without giving the people on the smartthings side information needed to fix The integration after the change. And decision-makers higher than both levels didn’t want to put resources into fixing what is now smartthings classic since everything was going to be back together in the new app Eventually anyway. But that’s all I know.

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Edit: tv switch was easier than I thought. Simply log out of rando Samsung login and log in under my Samsung account associated with SmartThings. Now I switch from classic to SmartThings app.

Thanks for the heads up. Mine is a 2017 I believe. (also a blackfriday purchase). I may leave it out of smartthings world for now. And just found out I “very intelligently” set up the TV with a separate unique samsung account under a completely separate email address. :expressionless: Oh wow, I am so smart …

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I added my mom’s 2017 MU6300 when i was visiting a month or so ago. Seemed to work fine in the new app.

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The new App does not appear to support the House Monitor function. I found this out after I added a First Alert system to the Smart Things Hub. I could only rename or modify the new device via the Classic application.

Correct. The new app only has the security side of smart home monitor. They rebuilt it from scratch, so I assume the leaks and smoke/co side are following. You can rename devices in the new app.

Alright, just heard back from the mobile team at HQ in regards to the usage of the Contacts permission by the Android version of SmartThings (Samsung Connect):
“One of the Device to Device features that is supported by the SmartThings app is file sharing between phones, and in the case of file-share being requested from external phone, the app reads contacts with the info of the nearby phone and displays popup to the user that “Someone with the ‘contact name’ is trying to share a file with your phone”, to let the user know to accept or not based on the contact info”.


Wow Vlad, thanks for the reply and the follow up, your contributions here show a genuine desire to help people and it’s much appreciated.
I’m still not entirely able to assuage my mind with this “file sharing” answer. Maybe I’m a cynic, but my own feeling about why the new app needs “contacts” permissions, and I understand why it needs ALL permissions is simply that Samsung have made a corporate decision to centralize all users of their products into one place, like Google, to have all their info in one place, you can better use targeted advertisements for one thing, and make data mining easier. Giving users less of a voice, moving decisions higher up the food chain, so if you want to use a Samsung product, you will have to give over ALL permissions, “sorry” Samsung support will say “that’s just the way it is, it’s the same for everyone”.


Yes, agreed: Thanks, @vlad


Thanks for the follow-up, @vlad.

I think @Alwas’ concern is reasonable.

What is the proposed use case for sharing files between mobile phones in the new SmartThings app?


grumble grumble… mine and other UE Tv`s dont and mine was bought March 2017 grumble grumble

Hi @fido,

I purcheced my TV just recently and when I logged into the account on the TV to access the smart hub, it created a seperate Samsung account with the same e-mail. I now have a SmartThings Clasic account and a Samsung account. My hub is on the SmartThings Classic and my TV is accassible only via the Samsung account.

I guess, I will have to wait until I get my Banner to migrate my accounts and hope for the best.
Hint Hint @vlad . I really want my entire house to be connected to OneApp LOL.

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Exactly as it should Imosenko

Well sort off… If you have a latest 2018 Samsung Tv ( dependant on location and Tv specification ) you Should be able to control the Tv with a direct wifi connection now, using the Smartthings/connect app NOT the smartthings Classic ( old app ) but this is only possible IF you have a phone with smartthings/connect pre installed

IF you do not have a phone with Smartthings/connect pre installed the app should be available to you no matter which phone O/s you use, once logged in to the Smartthings/connect app a device search Should find your Tv and provide full control

Some members on the forum advise against installing the Smartthings/connect app and with good reason, however the fact remains that all new users of Smartthings are being advised to use the NEW Smartthings/connect app so doing so should not cause much frustration as long as you accept it is a very new app that has limited functionality and is under constant development

Entire house smart connection or even part house smart connection is possible… but like many things IT it is down to the software devs to make it useable, and from my experience - useable - is very hard to design

In my humble opinion, the current Smartthings/connect app is cold and un inviting with the tactile look and feel of concrete, maybe thats just me

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You missed the entire description once again…My 2018 Samsung 55" Smart TV with is connected via the Samsung SmartThings (Connect) app from the point when I logged in using my SmartThings credentials and it created a Samsung account with my original SmartThings credentials. My request to @vlad is that ST can merg both my profiles which are using the same e-mail into one with out disrupting my Home Automation. At this point it is more about Wife Approval. And Not getting the hub flying out of the back door at that concrete wall in my back yard. The same wall that claimed the life of both of my original Sirens which died during SmartThings FAILURES! @JDRoberts may recall my previous posts telling those stories.


Yup your right i missed your point completely, tbh after reading more i have no idea what your point is. My apologies

No worries. I kind off went off track. I am anticipating another CF by SmartThings. But I am crossing my fingers for my house not to go all SkyNet on me. :wink:


This seems a bit ominous.

from the FAQ on the Samsung (not SmartThings) site:

SmartThings is optimized for Samsung smartphones, so some of its features may be restricted on smartphones manufactured by other companies.



:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :cry: :angry: :grimacing: :roll_eyes: !!!


Of course, it may just mean the Bixby – related features. We will just have to see.

That’s what I was thinking.

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Thank you, Vlad, but the implementation is terrible right now. You currently cannot start the app without granting the permission. Either your developers are incompetent or disingenuous (lying.) Are you able to find out which one?