"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

under the settings section for the new smart things app there is a option to “Use Location information”

The description for that field states “Use this phone’s location information to determine your location for automations”

That seems like that would be what turns your phone into presense sensors.

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If you turn this off or on, you will affect your current IDE. Don’t mess with the new apps settings. Trust me, I lost my mobile phone / location info with my current setup by monkeying around and playing with things in the new app. Be forewarned! :slight_smile:


Yea I totally get that so this should all be done at your own risk. I was just responding to what he was saying as to what should probabaly be done for that situation. I personally don’t even use Presense because it was to flaky before. Maybe the new app will do it better since it is backed into the Galaxy phones.


That siren delay sure would be nice. The classic app no longer recognizes my phone as a presence in time before the alarm goes. I think it started two updates ago.

Add Life 360 to presence tracking and I recommend you use the Dome Siren. Dome Siren has a time delay option built into its DH. You can set 15, 30 or more seconds.


I am not recommending this siren but thought I would add this for anyone looking at this thread. If you have the GoControl Siren, this DTH also has a settable siren delay.

Samsung Connect is completely unusable for me, as it won’t even start up if you don’t give it “Contacts” permission. That’s ludicrous. Samsung doesn’t need all my contacts to control my lights.


We have an ActionTiles customer reporting that they cannot create Routine(s) in the new SmartThings App.

  • Does this sound correct? Has anyone else experienced this?

  • The customer was having problems with sunrise/sunset, so SmartThings Support deleted all of their existing Routines. Perhaps this had the unfortunate side effect?

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The new app has no concept/Smart app called routines. But it does have a unique rule builder that accepts multiple conditions and multiple
Actions. But I don’t think they get exposed in the same way as routines.


The new app doesn’t call them routines, but automations. You get to them by clicking on the Automations button on the bottom and then clicking on ADD at the top. You will be prompted to select your location if you have multiple. When you do that you will need to scroll to the bottm and then click on on custom automation. In here you have the option for Conditions and actions and this is where you setup your automation.
If you click on condition and then based on time of day there is actually a time to select Sunrise and sunset. If you select that then you get the option to select modify it some by adjusting for time before and after sunset.

I haven’t been impressed with the options here there are some combinations of conditions and actions that don’t work. Like if i try to set the action to change SHM mode i can only do set it by time of daym, not by presense. that makes no sense.

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Really appreciate that SmartThings to informed us of this non-trivial difference. Though, mea culpa if this obvious from any published documentation. Remember: We were all told repeatedly that the “old” (Groovy) API would remain available and functioning for a “some time while we maintain both the new system and legacy systems”.

Lots of existing SmartApps (including ActionTiles) use Routines. So … available, but not compatible with the 100% recommend “new mobile App” is problematic; even if, technically, no promises were made to the contrary.

The Big Questions:

  • Will the ability to create and run “classic” Routines be added to the new App?

  • and/or How will new “Automation” routines and Scenes be exposed to execution by “new” (and “old”?) SmartApps?

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I would say for now there is a decent chance of that. They already added support for smart apps to the new application. It wasn’t long ago i didn’t see anything on that automation screen. Now i can see all of the apps i have installed including apps i have loaded from repos, and things like action tiles. That only happened after the last update I noticed.

one thing i have noticed though is that it appears some stuff created or installed from the new app doesn’t show logging in the IDE so i wonder if they are using some new backed server for some of the new apps. The new SHM is one that is completely absent from the IDE as far as i can tell even though i have it installed


Since we probably won’t officially know until it happens, let’s speculate :slight_smile:

Currently in the new app, you can create a scene and said scene can be activated by the Custom Automation smart app. Both of these are unique to the enw app and don’t show up in the classic app or the IDE.

But at the same time, custom smart apps installed in the legacy IDE and classic app, DO show up in the new app. So there is your continuing support of the legacy IDE. There are also marketplace apps from the classic app that have been migrated over (both SmartThings written and outside dev written)

But some solutions/apps aren’t in the new app (routines, smart locks, etc.). There’s another (Smart Home Monitor) that IS in the new app, but is a total re-write using the new API and has some new features. I have a feeling we will see more of this.

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I don’t think we’ll see classic Routines in the new app. The custom automation builder can do (or is shaping up to do) the same thing as routines and more.

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I kind of agree, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a way to migrate what is in the Classic app and then also make them avaliable to apps like Action Tiles.

I hardly use them, but i do see there value. Before i started using some of the smart apps i have i did several things in routines.

Hopefully they just really the new rule egine powerful enough to do whatever we like

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Which is great… except that I can’t find any method (new API or old…) to directly execute an Automation from a “SmartApp”, and thus, from ActionTiles (or WebCoRE, custom Alexa integrations, etc…).

They should, but SmartThings history of migration tools isn’t very good :wink:


Yea… I have heard that. I haven’t been here long enough to really deal with that yet, and though i have kind of taken the plung with the ADT Security panel on using smart things my usage is far less then most.

I’ll start off by saying that none of this is finalized yet and things may be different when actually released in production but… I can offer you what the current thinking is in regards to how Routines will be handled in the new app.

You guys are correct in thinking that Routines won’t exist in their current form in the new app. We are looking to have a migration process that will convert existing Routines into a combination of DIY Rules and Scenes. We are currently in discussions on how the migration would actually happen (what the UX would be of the migration itself). This is still a ways off - so I wouldn’t expect this to happen soon. Given our history, I’m always hesitant to speak about the future especially when the word “migration” is involved but I do think this one will happen.

In regards to APIs, these are currently being built. You should expect to see the Scene API released publicly before the Routine migration happens. (and remember, by API I mean REST/HTTP, not Groovy)

EDIT: I haven’t read far back into this thread but if you have a question feel free to ask - I’ll try and give an answer if possible ( as long as its information I am allowed to share).


Hi @vlad, I’ve got a question that I know concerns many other users too.
Why does the new app need access to all my phone contacts? Just to turn lights on?
I’m sure Samsung is a morally upstanding company, will keep this information safe and not let it be used for nefarious purposes but the risk is always there, but I still feel it’s unnecessary.
So the question is why is this permission necessary for you?