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"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)" App

(jkp) #750

You can edit names —> Devices > 3 dots > edit > click on device and from there you can edit the name and/or select room assignment

(Jimmy) #751

Dashboard > Notification history > activity

This is kinda true. The only device list i’ve seen that isn’t sorted at all is Manage Dashboard. It’s totally random and can change each time you view it. Others either sort by Rooms (with no visual indicator/break of different rooms) or sort alphabetically. It is super annoying that there isn’t one consistent way that a device list is sorted, though.

(Mike) #752

does everyone else get legacy names in the new app, i have devices that have joined using the classic app, classic labels them as thing, i rename them and change the DH`s to suit, if i go into the new app -thing- is still listed as a legacy name and cannot be accessed although its new name can be, so i get left with legacy names
If i delete the legacy name, i delete the device, new name and legacy name, basicaly i uninstall the device by deleting an old legacy name

or is that just me and my wierd setup ?

Going to the IDe does not help, the legacy names do not show there

(Jimmy) #753

Sometimes renaming requires me to force close the new app and re-launch it for the new name to show up.


Nope, it’s not you. There are sync issues between the 2 apps.

(Mike) #755

Its all i can do to stop myself from deleting the tiles which are sat doing nothing…

Drives me mad

(Joey Sharbutt) #756

Very similar to what happened to me, except that my code did not work after wiping everything and performing reset. I even went out and bought a new v3 hub while support tries to fix my v2. My new hub will not talk to zigbee devices…