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"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)" App

(Mike) #730

I may have missed something on the forum so apologies but is Xiaomi not getting any inclusion in the new app, i have a Xia temp sensor that has always been happy in classic but no sign of it in the ST new


Do you mean that you have no way of adding that sensor in the new app, or that when you’ve added one via Classic that it doesn’t show up in the new app? If that’s the case, you have a sync issue between the two, like me.

(Mike) #732

Must b a sync issue then john, my Xiaomi has been in classic for months but dosent show in new

(jkp) #733

One thing to try which may, or may not resolve the issue - open the device in the Classic app and click on the cog in the upper right of the screen and click save.

(Mike) #734

I hear ya jkp, try and get a refresh of sorts by resaving… unfortunately still not showing

I nearly did a little jig when my withings wifi scale panel showed as active in the new app… sadly that shows no info at all just like the classic app but it was nearly a cool moment

(Mike) #735

Tonight i have also noticed that the weather station 2.0 app now shows local weather in the new app, it is really limited and does not show everything available in the classic app but its working a bit
I guess only the info that can be used in automations is exposed

(Mike) #736

Something else i just noticed in the new app… Vodaphone advertising there own crap for some form of paid subscription security using most probably a rebranded v3 st hub

Sort off right, the hub is a network LTE hub that requires no wifi or BT which is similar or same as the ADT hub i think, according to Vodaphone all you need is a special V-sim phone card so you can connect to the hub if your wifi is down, apart from that all connected devices are St or Fibaro

(jkp) #737

Screenshot? I am confused since I have never seen advertisements in the new app

(Mike) #738

(Mike) #739

The second bullet point means someone is going to be sorry for thinking this was a good idea lol

(Jimmy) #740

Yeah, Samsung has a partnership with Vodafone over in Europe. I hid that panel pretty quickly since it wasn’t very useful to me.

(Steve Jackson) #741

The Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller has “some” functionality now. You can turn the fan ON/OFF within the new app. Still can’t control fan speed nor the light yet though.

My D-Link cameras have functionality now too. They are using the custom “D-Link Camera Manager” smart app.

The Gen 1 Aeon Home Energy Monitor’s are accessible too. I don’t have the monitors plugged in but I can access the info in the app. Will plug one in later today to verify that its working.

Life 360 still not working for me. I am thinking that I may have to remove it from the classic app and re-add it in the new app. My bride and I find the tracking info useful. I know others find it creepy. LOL

I have a couple virtual momentary push button’s that are still not working. Anyone using momentary buttons in the new app and if so, what device handler are you using for them?

(Jimmy) #742

I don’t think you can add Life 360 through the new app.

(Steve Jackson) #743

Thanks for the tip… I saw it listed under connected services and assumed I could. I can always use the native location services in the new app and continue to use Life 360 for seeing where we are. It will just eat a little more battery.

If the Hampton Bay Fan Controller would work in its entirety I think I could move over to the new app. The few things that are not working I can work around. I have just under a 100 physical devices and am using native handlers for everything that has one available. I haven’t really missed any features in the custom DTH’s.

(Mike) #744

No idea whats going on tonight but my classic and new app are acting oddly, slow and struggling to sync, classic shows devices on, new app either shows cant connect to device or off

(Steve Jackson) #745

I just discovered that the fan speeds from the Hampton Bay zigbee fan controller are available in smart lighting in the new app. I was able to trigger fan speed with the use of a virtual switch.

(Dave) #746

I’ve been using Classic App without issue for around 18 months. I created a Samsung account, as requested, around 6 months ago.

I’ve noticed reports that device handlers might now be working in the Samsung Connect App.

If I download the app (to run alongside the Classic App) to check how it behaves with my custom DTH am I likely to upset the way things currently run perfectly in the Classic App?

I don’t want to take any unnecessary risks !!

(jkp) #747

You can install both apps and use them with no issues.

(Brian J Lambert) #748

I did this, but it doesn’t stop the notifications saying which code unlocked which lock. It’s extremely annoying.

(Brian J Lambert) #749

I ended up having to go back to the classic app for the following reasons:

  1. The smart lock guest manager sent too many notifications with no identifiable way to turn them off.
  2. The Smart Home Monitor does not auto arm/disarm based on GPS location. Without having a security panel, it was a mess. By the time you get the notification to arm/disarm via location, I’m already driving and don’t want to interact with my phone.
  3. Each device doesn’t have a history of actions like in the classic device. I like seeing when devices were open/closed, etc. per device. In fact, the amount of information available for each device is sorely lacking.
  4. There is no way to remove/repair devices when they become unresponsive. It won’t even let you into the device information screen because it pops up an error. So, I can fix a Z-wave device that dropped.
  5. The layout when not in room mode is not alphabetic or organized in any way. I have to scroll through each device carefully to locate items. There is no way to list the devices in any organized manner without putting them in a room (which then makes you go through the messy list to find each device).
  6. The names of the Hue devices do not update when changed in the Hue app. In fact, I had changed them in the classic app, but they didn’t carry over to the new app. There is no way to rename the device, either.
    These are my primary reasons, but combined with the layout and new dashboard and all kinds of notifications, this app isn’t ready yet. I hope they take a look at this feedback. I will reach out to support as well.